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Woo-fology...the Only Way to Crack the UFO Mystery, Says Sean Cahill

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

Woo-fology - my word not his - is the direction for UFO research according to Nimitz witness Sean Cahill.

For he says that without the woo, we're never going to solve the UFO mystery.

Talking to former fighter pilot turned podcaster Chris Lehto, Sean delved deep down his own personal rabbit hole to reveal his research into astral projection, deep meditation and an experience where he found himself out of his body on a hospital ceiling.

He said "It shocked me at every turn, I don't like how woo-woo I've gotten in my own tone, phrasing and everything else. But I've also gotten to a point where I'm like if we're not willing to talk about this, to have the courage to talk about it, nothing's ever going to change.

We don't know what space time is.....and there hasn't been one proof of conscious experience.... you know you want to get the craft right, we want the nuts and bolts craft, all the people like - where's the nuts and bolts?

We don't want the woo. Well you know, nothing in reality has ever been proven to be nuts and bolts the only thing

that ever we can even prove is that we're having a conscious experience....that's pretty woo."

Discussing his journey out of his body Sean explained: "I had an O.B.E. I experienced leaving my body going up to the ceiling. I saw the blue cord going out of me back down to the body and I watched the doctors do this procedure where he ended up putting his foot on the armrest and and kind of yanking like this.

Now I didn't meet God, I didn't meet Jesus, I didn't meet aliens. I was stuck on a dusty, disgusting ceiling in a

weird you know it was like a two-storey room ....two stories of open space basically and up in the ceiling like all these open blue girders and things that crisscrossed up there.

And when they finished the procedure and the anesthetic wore off I asked him, why were you putting your foot on the armrest and what were you guys doing? And they were like, how did you know, how did you see that? So I had my own verification and the docs had their verification. For the docs it was the first time, the nurses were like you know nurses seem like they've always seen everything one hundred times but they knew about it.

It was ten years before I was like, I wonder if I can do that again. And that's how I started studying astral projection and got into consciousness with the Monroe Institute and stuff like that"

Asked by Chris how the UFO UAP discussion can be moved forward, Sean replied: "We're all asking for three-dimensional solid nuts and bolts answers and the majority of the people that are willing to give us answers or tell us their story are telling us something that seems to be based more in consciousness. Now we're back to the biggest questions ever, what's the basis of our reality? I'm a believer that the Universe follows from consciousness. I would dare say that most of the materialists who would immediately debunk this entire subject are going to say, 'no, consciousness is the product the material'. It may be as simple as that argument but we're not gonna please the skeptics with consciousness unless they experience it themselves"

I think we're uncovering something that knows exactly what it's doing. I think it's been here the whole time and I think we have based our religions on it. I think we have based our myths and other things on it I think it has both scared us and delighted us throughout the history of our existence and we don't know what the heck it is

But I don't think it's God, I don't think it's a creator of all things. I'm right there with Captain

Kirk, what does God need with a Starship?

I don't know man. There's something way bigger than any simple explanation going on - it's not just flying saucers,

it's not just time travelers, it's not just crypto, it's not just any one thing - I think it's reality"

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