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Why Was I Not Chosen as a Speaker at the Conference? asks Strieber

Updated: Apr 4

Disappointed why he was not asked to speak at the Sol conference he attended, Whitley Strieber asked organisor Garry Nolan the reason why.

He said the answer he was given was "If we had you on the schedule, quite a few of the people from the government and defense industry would not have felt comfortable attending"

Whitley commented: "That has got to change because after all if somebody is here -and all of those people seemed to assume that this is the case - the idea that they can't talk about close encounter witnesses and to them and have them participate, is I think very disturbing.

There's something there, fear or or a sense of lack of control that everyone in this field has got to get used to - no, we're not in control. Someone has been abducting people and taking their sexual material for years and no-one can do anything about it. That doesn't sound like a controlled situation to me and all the people at that conference have got to face this.

They're going to have another conference in Washington soon and they once again will not face it. Until they do face it, basically this goes nowhere of any real interest. The only place of any real interest is the truth which is, what is our relationship with this other presence? Why are they here? And believe me it has to do with close encounter witnesses and abductees - that's where the answer lies"

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