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Why Graham Hancock Regrets Refusing Alien Abduction

Author Graham Hancock regrets the day he said 'no' to gray aliens who were going to abduct him.

But now he's following research which is creating a map of the alien world he missed.

Graham saw the aliens under the influence of one of his many Ayahuasca trips and told the story in this dialogue with fighter Mike Tyson who has also experimented with psychedelics.

Graham explained: "Suddenly I see above me what looked like two flying saucers in

the sky and I see this typical kind of gray alien face looking looking down at me.

I don't do aliens much, it's not my thing. I'm more interested in a lost civilization. I got the message that they were going to take me, I was going to be abducted, and at that at that moment what I should have done was said 'yes take me' but what I did instead was, I opened my eyes and I said 'NO'! And I never saw those guys again and I regret that cowardice because I was scared stiff and I didn't want to take the journey and I should have done it."

Later the interview host comments that Dr Rick Strassman in his book DMT The Spirit Molecule wrote that all alien abduction experiences were due to an accidental endogenous DMT release in the victims' brains.

Graham, it seems, doesn't agree.

He comments: "I know Rick well, he's a good friend and he's done he's some absolutely amazing work. And there's a follow-up to that work which is being done at Imperial College in London. It's not been widely publicized yet but it's called DMTX. As as you know DMT is a quick journey, it's a 12 - 15 minute journey rocket ship to the other side of reality. They found a technology to basically deliver DMT by drip to volunteers and those volunteers are making extended journeys in the DMT realm and they are coming back with the same observations. It's like they're mapping another world.

This is not just a fantasy of the brain because all these different individuals who are not comparing notes, are encountering the same entities and the project seems to be to create a map of this other world."

Later in the discussion Graham says: "As to aliens once again, we come to the issue of DMT. All the mainstream talks about exploring outer space, going to other planets,

visiting distant star systems - but we have this incredible tool for exploring the nature of reality which is DMT and I don't think you can separate the alien issue from the consciousness issue. They are definitely connected in some way" (timestamped) PS This seems to back up the London research....

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