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Whitley Strieber Witnesses the Impossible

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

I've watched objects fly around in sharp direction changing 'ping pong' movements and couldn't figure out how they were propelled.

But my objects were inside a room instead of in the sky - at a physical seance.

I lead into this post this way to wonder whether there's any connection between physical spirit phenomena and the famous Tic Tacs.

As you'll hear in this latest Unknown Country podcast together with Leslie Kean, Whitley Strieber has been to UK medium Stewart Alexander's private seance and he too has witnessed a flying object - actually a metal cone which zipped around wildly and once, he reports, hovered touching his nose.

I sat in Stewart's circle ten years ago and saw the same phenomena and also the materialisation of a hand which was also witnessed by Leslie Kean on a separate occasion. And in the famous Scole Experiment in Norfolk, UK experimenters actually witnessed a tiny flying saucer type craft buzzing around the room!

Whether or not the UFO issue finally turns out to have anything in common with seance phenomena, I'm pretty sure both are linked to consciousness.

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