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UFOs - Ask Somebody Smarter Says Eric Weinstein

UFOs have got intellectual Eric Weinstein baffled.

He says he's never before seen a subject which has the profile of zero direct evidence but overwhelming indirect evidence.

He said: "Somebody smarter than me has to call it"

Asked by cosmologist Professor Brian Keating which issue most keeps him up at night - global warming, Covid, nuclear annihilation or UFOs, Weinstein replied:

"All of them - they're equal"

Talking of UFOs Keating asked: "What do you make of these things? Is it potentially at its core a giant psyop designed to distract us?"

Weinstein replied: "Look the thing is, there are two basic doors into this phenomenon. One is direct evidence, the other is indirect evidence. If you ask me and you go by direct evidence and everybody owning a camera in their pocket, you have to say it's nonsense because there is no direct evidence that's high quality and no high quality data in the public domain. So let's say from the direct evidence perspective, this is nonsense, it doesn't exist - it's very silly.

OK now you switch your lens. There seems to be an overwhelming amount of indirect evidence, like psychotropically overwhelming and I was unprepared for this until I started looking at it. I have no idea how we can get rid of people who see ghosts and people who have need for attention and you're left with people who don't want to talk about it whose lives have been destroyed..... I believe these people have been hurt, some of them with necrosis. According to Garry Nolan he's seen damaged paths through tissue that correspond to crazy stories where the story actually has a physical trace.

I would say from the indirect perspective, I don't think that we're capable of faking it at this level even if we wanted to.....

So I've never seen a subject that has that profile - zero direct evidence, overwhelming indirect evidence. Somebody smarter than me has to call it."

Later, Weinstein added: "We have an incredible structure for for avoiding the Freedom of Information Act where we have private companies entrusted with secrets you can't afford to hold in government."

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