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UFOs and Ghosts - Leave Me Alone!

I always wanted to see a UFO or a ghost.

Now after reading biochemist Colm Kelleher's scary EdgeScience article about the 'hitchhiker effect' contagion, I've changed my mind about paranormal contact.

He cites Skinwalker Ranch experiencers who've been haunted and harassed by dogmen, shadow people and poltergeists.

It spreads to their family and friends and they often get seriously ill too with a variety of conditions. And their autoimmune problems can go on for years.

The AAWSAP team found similar hauntings away from the ranch - just people who'd seen UFOs.

Kelleher even compares the contagion effect to the Covid epidemic. Even UFO pioneer Kenneth Arnold experienced orbs flying around his home and other paranormal happenings, after his 1947 sighting.

So here's a thought - maybe the mass UFO disclosure and contact we all crave is setting us up for a haunted future of illness and despair.

UFOs and ghosts? Count me out from now on.... (Written tongue in cheek....I think)

Here's that article on page 19:

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