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UFO Link to the Death of Martin Luther King

While watching a large shiny disk hovering in the sky above Georgia, a teenager heard a voice which said clearly: "Martin Luther King will die today"

Around three hours later the civil rights leader died in hospital an hour after being shot by escaped convict James Earl Ray.

Now more than 50 years later, former US Government Contractor Kay Chappell Wood is on a quest to discover if there are other UFO incidents where similar accurate future information has been given.

Kay, a 71 year old divorcee with two adult children, who lives in Suwanee near Atlanta, told me: "I want to find another person who had a similar encounter. To date, I have not heard of anyone or read anything that resembles what happened to me. I do not doubt that someone somewhere has had a similar experience. Finding that person, if they are still alive, may never happen, but this is a quest."

Here is Kay's remarkable story in her own written words after finding me on Twitter and asking if I could help.

"I was driving home from high school in Gainesville, Georgia, on April 4th, 1968, after an after-class event. Alone in my ancient Volkswagen Karmen Ghia and listening to my favorite rock and roll radio station, I noticed a large shiny disk on the horizon above the tree line about a quarter mile in front of me. The object was stable. Suspended in mid-air, unwavering, no seams, no windows, no sound, it was just there as though it popped into my line of sight. That is not unusual. Millions have claimed to see that type of sight. What was unusual was that shortly after my brain acknowledged I saw this object, I heard a disembodied voice in English say, “ Martin Luther King will die today.”

Critical information you should know is that I was on East Coast time in the US around 4 to 4:40 P.M. Martin Luther King was very much alive at that time. I didn’t know that because he rarely crossed my mind except when I watched the nightly news. I did know he was famous, and I admired him since I was a modern progressive young girl. But did he have space in my brain? No. My brain was filled with boys, school, where I would go to university, music, boys, my appearance, whether I was popular, family issues, boys, and so forth. You get it. I was a teenager. Hearing the words that a famous person would die in the future while my eyes were fixed on something I couldn’t understand upset me to my core. My heart raced. I felt sick. I grabbed the dial on my radio, trying to find a news station that might have something about Dr. King, but my hands shook so much. The entire time, my eyes were fixed on the shiny disk, which reflected the sun behind me. Then the object seemed to pop off to the left. I cannot for sure, but it disappeared with no sound.

My home was less than one mile from the incident. Needless to say, I drove very slowly and was quite scared. When I got home, I walked through the carport door into the kitchen where my mother stood. She immediately noticed something was wrong. She asked if something had happened at school. I remember asking her, “Have you heard anything on the radio or TV about Martin Luther King today?” She said, “No.” Then she said something to the effect that was an odd question. I told her everything. I asked her if she believed me. I remember she said something like, “You don’t lie. You have never been good at telling stories. So, yes, I believe you, but it sounds impossible.” I went to my room, turned on the radio, and tried to find anything about Dr. King. Nothing. There was nothing. I decided I was crazy, so I wouldn’t mention it again. Something was wrong with me.

That evening, my father and I were in the den watching TV. I have no recall of the show, but it was our routine. Mom went to bed early. My younger sisters were in their rooms by 8 P.M. At about 9 P.M. Eastern Time, a news bulletin came on. I cannot recall who the newsman was at the desk. He said Martin Luther King had been assassinated in Memphis, TN, outside his motel room surrounded by his aids. My head spun. I felt ill. I was not crazy, but what had happened that afternoon made no sense. I told my father I had to go to bed.

I vowed to myself to not tell anyone. The following day before I left for school, Mom and I looked at one another. She nodded. I nodded. It was our secret. I did tell my future husband years later. I don’t think he believed me. In the late 80s, I shared only the sighting part with a married couple who were friends of my husband and me because they had had their own UFO experience. I shared this with both of my children when they were teenagers. Both laughed. It was not until the New York Times article in 2017 that I began telling my story to a few close to me. Since then, I have shared it with Dr. Garry Nolan, Dr. Michael Masters, MUFON, and a few subreddits. So far, no one has come out and said they were foretold a specific historical event that would happen soon.

I understand that I have no proof. I understand that someone could make a claim, and that person would have no proof. I have no interest in premonitions of a personal nature or historical nature. Premonitions are different from what I experienced. I heard an audible voice telling me something would happen hours later in a different time zone to a person that would be a historical event. That is what I am looking for. And it must be in connection with the phenomenon. Not a séance or ghost.

I know what happened to me in broad daylight. I don’t know what it was or why it was. It did know what was going to happen. So it could communicate through time. I don’t believe there were beings in the object. There may have been, but with no windows, it appeared solid. Maybe it was a transmitter. Why me? I don’t believe I was selected per se. I was a human in a vehicle on the road at that moment in Earth time at that location. Whatever sent the message didn’t care about the age or sex of whoever was in that Karmen Ghia. But why? To what end? We will never know, will we?"

A few years before Kay's mother died in 2010 she asked her if she remembered the April 4, 1968 experience.

Kay said: "She said she did. We didn't go into it. Honestly we both had been so unsettled by it that we never discussed it. There was no point, but I wanted to have her confirm it before she passed."

Kay is insistent that her quest is to find somebody else who in a UFO contact has received a message foretelling a historical event of world import.

She said: " It cannot be something that impacted their family. It must be something of historical value that is outside of their purview. It is too easy to project personal events that impact family or friends. Psychic phenomena are undoubtedly possible on that level."

Asked for more details about the voice she heard, Kay said: "It was not male or female. It filled the vehicle and my head if that makes any sense. It was modulated and clear English, no discernable accent. Neither friendly or unfriendly. It didn't sound robotic. My first reaction was it had to come from the radio because the radio was on my rock and roll station, but the music was playing. I was so disoriented and shocked in a short span of time, I began to turn the knob on the radio frantically seeking a news station but found incurred static. I had to keep an eye on the object. Then it bolted north, no sound, no nothing. It was gone.

Believe me, I could not have made this up. It would have never occurred to me. But of course none of the things I dream are things that would occur to me while awake. But this was during the day and I was driving a car."

She added: "I believe that the object and the message are connected for some reason. I do not see myself as a prophet at all. In fact, it was mere luck. I was in the vehicle, and the object was in front of me. Whoever was on the road at that time in that car would get the message. Why? Well, that will never be known. I want to know if my one-off is unusual.

The event was nothing I could stop because I didn't know if it was true what I heard. Seeing the object made me question reality. It made no sense to impart that message to anyone. How intelligent could the source be? If it had not happened to me, I wouldn't believe it."

If you can help Kay in her quest she can be contacted on Twitter @kasey428, her Facebook page here, through me on Twitter, David Haith @wotzitt or email me at

Kay Chappell Woods

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