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TTSA Paid for Remote Viewing UFO and ET

Two years ago Tom DeLonge and To the Stars Academy, commissioned a team to remote view a UFO incident. One of the remote viewers was Daz Smith who revealed the £2,000 TTSA project in this interview with Joe Murgia. He said: "I did do a remote viewing paid for project for Tom DeLonge's TTS people which was looking at a UAP incident for them. I don't know all the details, but we did it for Tom - he paid for it, ten remote viewers looking at a UAP incident for him." He added: "All ten remote viewers including myself came up with corroborating data that indicated a physical/non-physical ET event with a craft and everything. I know the report was seen by a lot of other people at TTS including Hal and that's as far as ever I know on it all. I am still in contact with Tom and I share all my projects with him. - I know he shares them along with mine as well." He revealed the 'going rate' was $200 per person for a project. Daz said: "It wasn't a huge amount of money for the amount of information you get back. Ten remote viewers with 30 to 40 pages of data each - you are talking about 400 pages of data on a project like that." RV at 1hour15-46

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