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On the UK Talk TV show The Unexplained, Tim Burchett revealed that he thinks the US Government has "recovered craft".

He talked of being banned from speaking at the Congress hearing after earlier being given permission.

And he revealed that a pilot involved in the USS Roosevelt UFO incident was smuggled into the hearing on a press pass.

And he doesn't doubt Jeremy Corbell's claim that UFOs have been fired at.

Here's my part transcript of his exchange with Howard Hughes in the sequence of the interview.

Questioned by Howard Hughes on The Unexplained about why he said the hearings were a joke, Tim Burchett replied: "We got hosed after the meeting. I was the only congressman who showed up outside the committee. The whole thing top to bottom. I suspect the people they had testifying were very patriotic Americans - I do not doubt that and from their little sphere of influence that is what they talked about.

Yet when they were showing a video - they showed a video of a speck on a screen and Adam Schiff said 'What exactly am I looking at here?' because it was just a speck.

We have the most advanced technology in the world but they couldn't stop a 30 second film to show one screen of this speck flying by.

Now we've got the so called TicTac videos that have been on 60 Minutes - that's the videos they should have shown. They didn't interview the pilots that were there.

They had a a pilot that was in the audience actually - somebody had snuck him in I think with press credentials and he was on the USS Roosevelt during that incident. Why not bring these people in to expose the whole situation - why not?"

Asked if more hearings are coming up, who would he like to give testimony?

Burchett replied: "Lue Elizondo - somebody like that, somebody with credentials in the community - and give them permission to speak about what they know. Stop with all that: 'I can only tell you that in a closed briefing or in a secret environment' Stop with all that - the American people is ready for this. What have they got to hide? I've got a theory about that. I think the arrogance we exhibit sometime in government - it surpasses all my reasoning that I can come up with because there's no reason not to.."

He said he was "ticked off" by the hearing, calling it a "diversion" and said he was getting texts from people saying it was a cover up.

Asked if the stance of the hearing was "deliberate" he replied "Somebody - I don't think it was the people in the room that organised it but the people that are higher up that we will have a hard time getting to."

He said the UFO issue has "been going on for so long - it's worldwide. I believe they've recovered something from somewhere."

He said if UFOs were from China "they would own us", if from Russia "Putin is such an ego maniac he would land a UFO on the White House lawn, get out with a bare chest and probably ride a unicorn and ...... then get back to Mother Russia."

"I think it's something we've recovered at some point, be it at Roswell or something. I don't know what happened at Roswell - something that has happened that we have some sort of corporate entity that controls it with collaboration with some people in our government somewhere that have control of this. A lot of of these occurrences occur over restricted areas, the TicTac video the USS Roosevelt, these other happenings - they're not happening over a trailer park."

In answer to a complex question Burchett replied: "Put more succinctly - I think it's a recovered craft at some point - I think we recovered something."

About the hearings he revealed: "I was told I was going to get to speak and I was going to ask them questions. I got a text to say the chairman said you will not be able to speak."

Howard Hughes: "They tried to shut you up?"

Burchett: "Well they didn't come to see me and tell me not to speak. There's a protocol in the committee. It's a very select committee"

Asked about his next move Burchett said: "I am going to keep speaking the truth, the public wants it. I'm on Twitter. I've increased my followings by thousands since this came out - this is a real issue"

"You have to imagine we have an uncontrolled object in our air space and they admitted that at the committee meeting. So that should be a cause for concern to all freedom loving people."

Howard Hughes mentioned Jeremy Corbell's claim of "military firing on these things"

He was asked: "Do you know anything about that?"

Burchett replied: "I wouldn't comment on that - I've had conversations on that but I don't doubt his word - I'll leave it at that."

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