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"They're Flipping us the Middle Finger" - Jim Semivan

In a discussion about the lack of mainstream coverage of UAPs, Jim Semivan said:

"Really, it's the phenomenon's fault. You know - screw that, screw them. They come into your bedroom, they come over your car, they're the ones causing all this shit, and all they're doing is waving at us right and flipping us the middle finger, because essentially, they're basically saying 'Look we're here. we're here. We''ll give you this, you can't catch us, we'll let you get close, but not too close.'. I told Robert Hastings once:: 'They tease you, cajole you, they see you, they don't say anything, do anything but they'll never introduce themselves to your parents' ..... The phenomena isn't giving us anything, it's been doing this for more than 2,000 years, since recorded history. it's been playing with us and this is why John Keel made that statement 'It's a damned cosmic joke'. They're deceitful, whatever the hell they are, they're doing it on purpose,.

We're still trying to find the needle in the haystack, we're still trying to figure out the signal from the noise. Someone once mentioned to me, you know, we haven't connected the dots. I said I don't even know if there are any dots, let alone trying to connect them."

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