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The UFO That Caused a Thief to be Stabbed

The UFO phenomenon is worldwide and among experiencers US abductee Eric Mitchell was asked to counsel was a man spooked by a large fiery orange ball which appeared nightly and followed him near his African home

Fearing it was a spirit, he built a grass hut to live alone so it would not upset his wife and family.

Living a life of near poverty he sold some grain and fish to get enough money to travel to a city with internet where he contacted a UFO support group which referred him to Eric.

In this podcast Eric explains that the man told him that the local Medicine Woman had also witnessed a hovering UFO which she thought was an evil spirit "deity".

Said Eric: "She went and got the local thief who's been caught stealing several times, took him

out to the riverbank in front of this deity and stabbed him with a knife to show this deity that 'we've caught the thief. This is the bad person you want, now you can go away'"

In fear of his life that he might be next to be stabbed, the man appealed for help to Eric who spoke to the woman on Facetime telling her the orange ball was "from the stars and a sign of future good fortune"

And to prove it he sent her $20

Said Eric: "That's a ton of money to them. They each live on 20 cents a day. They're all running around getting alcohol, tobacco, food, they got like a buffet set up in the street. Everybody's happy and everybody loves my client. He knows they're not spirits so now he's celebrated in his town because that one day was like the best day everyone had in many many years"

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