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The UFO, Film Maker Jeremy Corbell was Too Stunned to Film....

In his interview with Joe Rogan, Jeremy Corbell revealed he was the 'friend' who actor Dave Foley said he was with, when he saw a UFO.

And Jeremy confessed he was so stunned he resolved not to take his phone out to record it on camera

Below is a link to the newspaper story where Foley discusses the January, 2022 sighting before Jeremy 'came out'

On the Rogan show Jeremy said: "I did see something with Foley - something I've never seen before. We're going on a walk just as the sun was kinda setting. And he makes some joke 'Oh we came out to see the UFO expert - I figured I'd see a UFO. I really wish I could see one'

"Not 45 seconds after, he says 'What is that - I turned around. I thought it would be super brief, this big (inaudible) comes in at 45 degrees and goes over the valley.....We're both standing there looking at it.

I had practiced a quick draw with the phone. I'm not going to be that arsehole who sees something but doesn't film it, otherwise people are going to hate me."

But Jeremy confesses: "I said out loud 'I'm not even going to try to film this' It was so astonishing looking....I was kind of stunned and so was he. It was big, at least three or four school buses in length."

Asked by Rogan about the shape, he said that Foley said "it was like a hamburger with a bite out at the front - which I would agree with"

He said Foley's drawing of the object is very accurate.

Jeremy said: "It had these big blinking lights in the front but the whole body of it would glow and pulse."

He described its movement as jumping forward in four leaps at "impossible speed" and with every jump it would "flare up".

Jeremy said: "What I was impressed by, was the tremendous power, the power which it took to make these movements - voom,voom,voom,voom - four of them. No sonic booms, that ship was way too fast - it was sliding. The body of it glowed every time it made these slip movements. It went over a hill, sat there and just descended down."

"Why didn't you pull your phone out?" asked Rogan

Jeremy replied: "It makes me more angry than it makes you - it makes me really angry. We reacted very strangely to seeing something so unique. It was void of emotion. It captivated me. It was beautiful in how weird and exotic it was"

He added: "Here's the joke - I'm the guy hunting UFOs. I talk to all these people who have encounters that I believe but I never saw shit. I was the guy to get the night vision goggles to look at the sky and everybody starts screaming 'Oh my God, did you see that?' I was the guy always with his back turned. Now I'm the least believable"

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