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The Tree Creature with Huge Glowing Eyes Seen by Eric Davis at Skinwalker Ranch

Here's Eric Davis' personal account of a strange tree creature seen by him and Colm Kelleher at Skinwalker Ranch after a cattle mutilation. Eric was commenting on George Knapp's FB page where George had shared a deleted scene from Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell's film Hunt for the Skinwalker. Eric Davis to George Knapp, "Outstanding! You garbled a couple of things about the shooting event. I was sitting between Colm and the ranch owner who was driving his pickup that night while we were investigating why the cattle were being stirred up and agitated. One of the cows was very pregnant so Terry wanted to check on her. As we drive around the near pasture (adjacent to the double-wide) I saw the huge glowing eyes high up in the tree. It was still winter so there were no leaves. The eyes were bright yellow and were about a yard apart. I mistakenly thought that they were the eyes of a large mountain lion reflecting light from the ranch manager’s pickup headlights. He stopped the truck and the three of us were wondering what the hell it was. The “eyes” appear to blink a couple of times. Then they appeared to fall to the ground and we looked to see what it was when we thought it landed on the ground in front of the tree. But the glowing eyes completely vanished before reaching the ground. That’s when the manager stopped the pickup, and he and I jumped out of the driver’s side. He let the headlights pointing toward the barbed wire fence with very thick foliage behind it. He gave me a handheld spotlight to point at the tree. I aimed the spotlight all over the ground and tree and we didn’t see anything. I started scanning the spotlight left from the tree along the barbed wire fence and foliage behind it. That’s when I shined the spotlight on a huge furry animal that looked like a big cow to me but the manager thought it was a bear. It was standing behind the fence in a small clearing in the foliage. I think Colm thought it was a bear too. We were seeing the side of its body but could not see its rear end or head. The manager grabbed his rifle and shot it twice at point blank range. The animal did not flinch after being shot twice in its broadside at point blank range. It then waltzed right into the thick foliage behind the barbed wire fence and vanished into the thicket of trees and brush. We got through the barbed wire to follow it but it left no foot/hoof/paw prints in the mud or on the patches of snow. There was no trail of blood or broken twigs and branches either. About 15 feet into the thicket of foliage and trees, we found a single fresh deer hoof print that pointed in the direction of the fence. The three other hoof prints were missing in the snow and mud. It was the next morning when Bob’s Montana ranch manager and expert hunter tracker Rick (I forgot his last name) flew into Vernal on Bob’s jet Cosmos (a British Hawker business jet). Rick spent the entire day tracking a 5 mile radius from the shooting site and found no sign of a dead or wounded and bleeding big animal. Nothing. No tracks or blood." Here's a link to that deleted scene in which George Knapp runs through the many options of what is the solution to this whole UFO and Skinwalker mystery in which the US Government invested millions.

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