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The PR Man Behind Steven Greer's Disclosure Project Tells All in New Book

Perhaps you've never heard of him but Martin Keller who features in this Grant Cameron interview was the man behind Steven Greer's UFO Disclosure Project which started it all.

He recruited the witnesses and as a PR man for Greer's project introduced lawyer Danny Sheehan and astronaut Ed Mitchell to Greer.

He hasn't been in touch with Greer for 15 or 20 years but sent him a copy of his book

'The Space Pen Club: Close Encounters of the 5th Kind -- UFO Disclosure, Consciousness & Other Mind Zoomers' and received a "nice note" back from Greer's wife Emily catching him up on news.

Speaking of Greer, Martin told Grant "I still don't see anyone that has the depth of knowledge that he does."

But asked whether he thinks Greer will be called for any new Congressional hearings, Martin replied: "I don't know. I think Steve has been a pariah, he was a pariah when I met him, I think he's even more of a pariah right now. I never see his his name quoted in any of these major news pieces."

This interview, and his book, is a must for UFO researchers because it's full of stories of famous and not so famous names.

One anecdote is why there was a falling out between Leslie Kean and Greer.

Martin explained: "Leslie's built a stellar career in this field and done a really outstanding job of reporting. That said she hates Steven Greer. "

Martin says he asked Leslie "What exactly came between you and Greer?' and she just looked me in the eye and said 'He gave me bad information once, that he assured me was good and you know I can't have that as a journalist - like, he burned me basically'. I think those were her words and I said well do you want to tell me what it was about because I might have some insights into it, and she goes 'No I don't even want to discuss it any further' "

Martin has had his own UFO and high strangeness experiences.

Asked about the future for the UFO scene he replied: "I think we've done all we can, ufologists researchers have done their work. We need the 'boys upstairs' to come forward and put their cards on the table and stop being enigmatic and coy. But you know maybe we're not ready and a lot of people say we're not ready and we don't deserve it because a lot of things haven't changed geopolitically, our nuclear arsenals are as plush as they ever have been or need to be, environment's in rough shape so I don't know. I'd love to see a mass demonstration UFO event"

Grant Cameron with Martin Keller on Steven Greer, the Government and Life Events

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