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The Day Queen Victoria Spoke from Beyond Death..and was Recorded

Queen Victoria returned from beyond death at a seance and her claimed real voice conversation was recorded and is available for all to hear on a website.

The 1963 seance with physical medium Leslie Flint is featured in an article by retired lawyer Victor Zammitt in the current edition of his weekly newsletter about evidence for the afterlife.

The late queen's friend and servant Scottish medium John Brown also 'came through' in his own heavily accented voice at the same seance and and was recorded.

In his article Mr Zammitt writes: "When Queen Victoria's beloved husband, Albert, died at the age of 42, the young queen was plunged into grief and withdrew from public life for three years. The only thing that seemed to help her was her close friendship with one of her servants, a Scot named John Brown. Their relationship was, and still is, the subject of gossip and it was rumored that the two were secretly married.

But in 1963 Queen Victoria came through direct voice medium Leslie Flint and explained in her own voice, that John Brown had been her medium, and had enabled her to maintain contact with her beloved Albert. She kept detailed diaries of all their seances and the messages that came from Albert, but after she died everything was destroyed to protect her position as head of the Church of England."

Attendees at the Flint seances in London sat in total darkness and the voices were heard from mid air in the centre of the room.

Unusually in mediumship, Flint was not in a trance state and sometimes was able to communicate with the sitters and the discarnates.

The recording of the deceased Queen Victoria may be heard on this link where there is also a transcript that can be followed along with the rather indistinct audio.

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