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Some 'Alien' Mummies Made from Llama Skulls Says Expert

A leading expert and advocate for the Peru mummies being genuine, now admits that some of them could be fake.

But William Galison who went to early Peruvian hearings with Bob Salas, says there are still many mysteries to be solved which could be of even more importance.

William said: "I know a lot about this case, having examined the mummies extensively and recently. My tentative conclusion is that the skulls of the little mummies are constructed from Llama skulls, which would certainly preclude the possibility that these are actual mummies of once living creatures. That is a great disappointment to many people involved, and some do not agree with me.

However, there are many mysteries still unresolved regarding these mummies, and they may well turn out to be something much more important than a mere "hoax".

1) It is not clear what the is the provenance of the rest of the bones in the bodies. Some appear to be bones of human infants, and some appear to be anomalous, not clearly corresponding to any known animal.

2) the biological material has been proven to be around 1000 years old by numerous C14 dating labs.

3) According to a spectroscopic analysis, the element "Osmium" has been found in the metal accoutrements attached to the bodies. Osmium is the rarest, heaviest and most precious metal on Earth, exceeding uranium in density and platinum in value. Why in the world would a hoaxer waste his time and money including such an element in an alloy?

3) There are at least 25 of these mummies known to be at large. Is there a modern workshop where someone is assembling these bodies out of dozens of ancient mummified children; hacking them apart and assembling them to look like aliens?

If the idea is to sell them to suckers as alien mummies for big money, there are two problems. The first is that they cannot be legally taken out of Peru. Attempting to do so could get you put in a Peruvian prison, which are not pleasant places. The second is that if a Russian or Saudi millionaire (for example) paid good money for an alien mummy and then found out that it was a fake, it might end up badly for the seller.

4) There are apparently eggs in the abdomens of several small mummies. These eggs seems to match the age of the rest of the body parts, circa 1000 years. Does it make sense that a modern fraudster would of through the trouble of inserting 1000 year old eggs (one of which is only several millimeters in length) in a mummy when these would be invisible without an x-ray? Were they intended to be x-rayed?

5) According to several orthopedic doctors, some of the long bones showed clear signs of osteoporosis, which is EXTREMELY rare in children.... so ???

6) The beings are apparently covered with skin that also dates to 1000 and has some reptilian properties. This skin needs to be tested

There are many more anomalies that indicate that these may be made in ancient times for ritualistic or some other purposes which would make them important. The Russian documentary that Nolan posted is sarcastic and condescending and assumes that because certain aspects are "debunked" that these are merely obvious hoaxes by some modern fraudster.

While that may be turn out to be the case, I still have many questions about these mummies. I hope that sincere and diligent scientists with the proper tools and expertise will do the tests necessary to resolve all of the many questions that remain.

My understanding is that the ICA University where some of these mummies are now being kept, is open to the participation of such scientists and experts."

"I would add that Jaime Mausann is doing a disservice to the research and to his own reputation by making unfounded declarations about thee mummies. This quote from the Independent article is misleading in several ways.

“These specimen are not part of our terrestrial evolution... These aren’t beings that were found after a UFO wreckage. They were found in diatom (algae) mines, and were later fossilized.”

They are certainly NOT fossilized. Fossils contains no organic matter, but these do, which is why they can be C14 dated.

There is no evidence that I know of that they were found in a "diatomaceous earth mine", although they were covered with diatomaceous earth, which is, incidentally, an effective agent for protecting organic matter from insects, microbes and fungus. That in itself is a remarkable fact."

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