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Smoking Gun UFO Videos Seen "Owned by Another Country"

Ariel Phenomenon film maker Randall Nickerson has seen very compelling smoking gun UAP videos owned by another country.

He told Ryan Robbins: "I think there is a smoking gun - I've seen it myself. I've seen videos that are not public that will soon be public. I don't know why they're not showing those at least on the official level. But I think they're trying to take it slow - gradually release..."

Ryan asked: "Are they Government videos that you've seen?

Randall: "No - it's owned by another country"

Ryan: "Wow - can you say the country?"

Randall: "I can't - I shouldn't even have mentioned it...but it's not like there's just one. I think we going to see a lot this year that we've never seen before. I hope so!

Ryan: "How compelling would you define them in terms of being unambiguous?

Randall: "Very"

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