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Skinwalker Ranch: Who's the Rat and Who's the Scientist?

Dr Travis Taylor: "The phenomenon is so bizarre and so elusive, it's really difficult to get detail and a lot of data on it. Who knows, we'll find some Rosetta Stone somehow which enables us to interpret what's going on and make contact."

George Knapp: "You've been shooting rockets and experimenting, poking and prodding to get a reaction from it and it's doing the same thing with you guys at Skinwalker Ranch for some time. It throws something at you, changes the rules, muddies the water. It seems to be getting a reaction as well."

Dr Travis Taylor: "Yes, the big question there is...who's the rat and who's the scientist, right? I'm not so sure that we're not the lab rat and it's just playing with us."

George Knapp: "It's hard to believe and it's hard for us to accept that there's something up on the food chain that's smarter than us. And it could be that."

Dr Travis Taylor: "Oh it absolutely could be that and that is one possible solution to the problem and until we can accept that, we'll never be able to find the answer. Mother Nature could have come up with something we have never been able to interpret or think of before.

Or it could be something from a whole other universe or something else we haven't even considered like a simulation hypothesis - some kind of avatar from some kid in somebody's basement playing a game with us. You never know."

Dialogue on Coast to Coast radio on Sunday April 16, 2023

Other views and quotes from the same show from Dr Travis Taylor:

"Somehow or other there's a phenomenon or a technology being deployed at the Ranch that can change GPS at will and make it be above ground, below ground or somewhere completely different, even in a different state and it seems to only happen within the boundaries of the fence of the property, which makes no sense"

Former UAP Task Force scientist Dr Travis Taylor thinks legacy back engineering programs are a reality.

In a Coast to Coast interview George Knapp asked him about meta materials not made by humans.

Travis replied: "I do know that some of the whistle-blowers that have briefed are absolutely credible individuals and I believe what they say, at least believe this was the case that happened to them or they weren't somehow being duped and I don't see that being the case."

"If some of what the whistle-blowers are saying is true there's been stuff going on all along and somebody has been living outside of any kind of oversight working on these things and the only way that could be, is that people are just not answering to anyone in Congress or they are keeping it totally in private perspective. So I really don't know how to respond to that. I kind of lean on the side that I think it is true.

If you asked me this before I started working at Skinwalker Ranch I would have probably said 'no I don't believe it's true' but now that's not the case."

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