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Skinwalker Ranch "the Most Important Scientific Endeavour of Our Time" - Brandon Fugal

"Skinwalker Ranch I believe is the most important scientific endeavour of our time and I know that sounds like hyperbole but I truly believe the implications of what we are documenting, what we are discovering, they're world changing, they're paradigm shifting to put it mildly." Speaking on Richard Dolan's podcast Brandon added: " Anything that can manipulate complex closed systems, that can manipulate billions of dollars of finely calibrated GPS and satellite!

And I've gotta tell you, whatever current military presence, whatever monitoring we continue to experience in the midst of experiments...we've had Black Hawk helicopters appear that are not transponded by the way, they're purposely trying to mask their identity both physically and electronically. It depends how you read it, I think it's menacing. I think it's disturbing to have very expensive equipment deployed in service monitoring our airspace.

We're trying to address some of this. I look forward to what the public think after we air all 14 episodes. Some people may need counselling, some people may need therapy because I think it's challenging many people's idea of reality. It's like trying to unplug people from the matrix. Some people just can't handle the truth, they don't want to know the truth. They just want to go back to their Disneyland, predictable day to day existence and they're like 'I'm not listening' and that's OK. To be quite candid Richard these are tough topics, they are in many cases disturbing topics that challenge one's view of reality."

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