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Skinwalker Ranch Secrets Could Change Science and Technology for Humanity, Says Travis Taylor

The phenomena happening at Skinwalker Ranch is using non-human technology to create dangerous spikes in gamma rays, claims scientist Travis Taylor.

He was speaking in a podcast prior to the April 18 launch of History Channel's fourth season of The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch.

He explained: "What we're measuring are spikes in the gamma rays. We took a calibrated instrument out there that would measure the spectrum of the gamma rays and they were at 511 kilo electron volts. Let me explain what that means - that's the frequency of gamma rays or x-rays that happens when you have antimatter and matter collide, when you have an electron and a positron - they blow up and they create these gamma rays. That doesn't happen anywhere except atom smasher big particle colliders

The fact that it happens at such high levels and in very localized spots, that's not a technology that we have and so it's not something naturally occurring and it's not from any technology I've ever heard of, so it's something unique either to that location or to whatever that phenomena is. Several times we've had to evacuate an area because the radiation level got too high.

Here's phenomena occurring that are really unexplainable and beyond physics that I understand and so it could be a whole new regime of science and technology for humanity, if we uncover what this really is"

He added: "We have no idea what it is but I can tell you this, we've got UFOs. I mean it looked like actual nuts and bolts things on camera now we have them in high speed infrared, we have them with radar detection, we have them with light architecture, we

have all sorts of phenomena that we've seen now that just cannot be explained away. And people are going to say you know it's TV but I'm telling you, this is not a TV show, this is a scientific investigation that we're documenting for TV"

Travis revealed that last summer after an experiment he went to bed and heard a "booming voice" in his trailer.

He said: There was a voice, you know it's one of them things where you don't know if you're awake or you're asleep but there's a booming voice in my trailer and it said 'you better check the GoPro footage.'"

He said that later he saw GoPro footage from a helicopter.

He commented: "What you'll see is just amazing, it's fantastic and you won't believe it"

Travis thinks the phenomena may appear so weird because it's using quantum physics and our brains can't interpret it properly

He said: I think it's some sort of phenomena that's using quantum physics, that is running the universe right. And here's the thing, the phenomena that we're being exposed to, that's why people claim to have seen weird things I think, it's my hypothesis I'm trying to figure out a way to test it. When the Bigelow guy said they saw three guys with dog heads smoking cigarettes, wearing trench coats and top hats on the ranch one time, and that

sounds crazy right? So that's the dumbest thing, they're chasing ghosts, werewolves whatever or doing drugs.

Well we checked for drugs. So here's my thing - perhaps the phenomena is so odd that our the information that our brain is receiving from our touch, taste, smell, hearing and whatever our brain is interacting with, if this is a quantum phenomenon, your brain it works through quantum physics then it doesn't know how to interpret what it's seeing and this is the best interpretation that it's getting. So maybe it's not so weird, maybe it's more of a confusion"

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