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Searching for Alien Life - Cosmologist Martin Rees Interviewed by Lex Fridman

Lex Fridman here interviews cosmologist and astrophysicist Lord Martin Rees.

No discussion specifically about UFOs - Lex mentions them in passing once - but plenty about the search for alien life.

Here's my transcribed extract of just a portion of Rees wisdom.

"I take the search seriously, in fact I chair the committee that Russian/American Yuri Milner supports looking for intelligent life. He's putting $10 million a year into better equipment and getting time on telescopes to do this and so I think it's worthwhile even though I don't hold my breath for success. It's very exciting but it does leave me to wonder what might be detected.....we have no idea what it will be

so any anomalous objects or even some strange shiny objects in the solar system or anything we've got to keep our eyes open for."

He says "This civilisation of flesh and blood creatures may not last more than a few hundred years more" but predicts what he calls "secular intelligent design" - humans designing their progeny to be better adapted to their environment.

He thinks future human space exploration will be best left to wealthy explorers and public money should be sunk into less risky AI space programs.

So much more in this two plus hours of superb intellectual dialogue

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