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Sean Cahill: "I've been seeing this stuff my whole life and I don't know what it is"

As we hopefully move into more Congressional hearings and maybe at last some form of Disclosure, much of the heavy lifting progress has been done in the background by retired U.S. Navy Chief Master-at-Arms Sean Cahill.

Investigative filmmaker Sean, who was aboard the USS Princeton during the 2004 Tic-Tac UFO encounters, was featured on episode three of the History Channel's six part documentary: Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation. He's worked closely alongside Lue Elizondo and his continuing efforts include projects on consciousness, ancient indigenous culture and UAP/UFO destigmatization.

But what is Sean's background? Is he just - as he puts it - "the woo woo guy over in the corner - the hippy wearing only a pair of shorts or a sarong"?

In this Steve Willis interview, Sean states "This is the most fascinating subject and spectrum of ideas that I've encountered in my entire life. And I feel very fortunate to have had almost every flavor of it."

Below I've transcribed some of Sean's words telling his very personal story and his relationship with the UFO mystery.

"I've been experiencing what we call the phenomena in one way shape or form for most of my life, whether it was sightings in childhood, being at the 2004 TicTac event and things that have happened since then. It's been a wide spectrum of things, I've experienced the negative I've experienced things that seemed overwhelmingly positive and things that didn't seem to know I even existed. I had a black triangle incident here in San Diego here at my home. It was at least 2,000 feet across, it was moving incredibly slow; it had no lights and I could hear the wind whistling over it and then I watched it go overhead and tip on its side and move away at a velocity which was absolutely ridiculous. And I have to tell you I live a mile north of a helicopter base, six miles away from the Fleet Concentration Centre and I'm surrounded by five airports, three of them international, I'm in one of the biggest flight corridors in the world and I've got three of them which come over my house, so every type of aircraft you can think of I've seen. I've guarded a B2, I've stood under them when they're flying at low altitude and landing, I know exactly what they look like and sound like. This was not a conventional aircraft, whatever it was, it didn't work normal. As far as lights in the sky and anomalous events even around the house and the family, we've experienced those thing too. the triangle and the tic tac and most of the things I've seen the last ? years I've seen are here, others were in northern California around San Francisco and in Florida.

It's very confusing to me and I know this surprises a lot of people when they find out, but I've been seeing this stuff my whole life and I don't know what it is and that's why I'm not so heavy in turning to the Government going: "Tell us what this is" because I think you can keep seeing it and not know what it is and so when there's people in the community and they come to me and tell me they're from here, here's their message, here's their mission. They get real specific with it. I'm not having that experience. I have never met an alien that I can say or spoken to one. Now I have really interesting memories of events but to me those events are always punctuated by a sleep period so I personally don't take them as always as an experience. I'm not exactly sure what I'm looking at. Could I be dreaming another Sean whose (indistinct) is somewhere else, maybe. I have to accept that. I don't know I was away with the aliens last night doing cool stuff - that might have been a different me somewhere and I still have to get up in the morning and do the dishes and clean up the dog bath. I really don't know and I'm not discounting anybody else's experience, somebody who wakes up and has physical marks and has trauma and things like that. I'm just saying that's not my experience. So I know there's something going on. I even went to therapy after I retired, I had a hard time taking my uniform off, I left something in that uniform and it was my courage and my wherewithal and my get up and go and I had to figure that out but that happened in the middle of me meeting Lue and getting involved with this and so I was lucky enough to have an open minded therapist who was kind of a hippy but she helped me through all this and she said ' how much does this bother you, how much does it scare you?'. She helped me realize 'you're having a really interesting experience and if it's not driving you batty, enjoy it'. And I decided at that point not to let it drive me batty any more. I decided not to be scared of it any more. For a while - and it's going to sound silly for a guy who was a cop - but I was walking round with at least a pocket knife for a while. My wife asked me one day 'who you gonna stab? Hello? a gray dude?' Like what are you gonna do?' Sounds like you're right, what am I doing here? I'm just afraid. And when I stopped being afraid, scary stuff stopped happening. So what do you do with that? I could talk with you for an hour on another show about frequency and vibration and fear and all that stuff but since we're being kind of general in all this and in a day that was very pragmatic I don't want to go too into the weird but there's a lot to this. It's not just vehicles from the sky from somewhere else with cool dudes in it. There's aspects of psychotronics, there's aspects of Non Linguistic Programming, there's aspects of control around this subject that are frightening. And no, those aren't ready for The Hill today. You don't start with those you know, but we're gonna have to get there some day.

Because of who I am now because of the way I present myself - they make an assumption that I had a spiritual awakening in 2004 and I didn't. The TicTac stepped on the air supply of my spirituality. Me seeing it as a possible Government program or DARPA or our tech and the way we reacted, kind of popped my mystical bubble at the time and I'd had it - I was done. I wasn't gonna wonder and dream and look up any more and think any more and being completely honest, my daughter suffered over the years because that was during the Harry Potter phase and I thought Harry Potter's nonsense - there's no magic. I'm really sad about looking back because I told her, I feel like I stole something from your childhood by not being with you for that stuff. I think when I look back I think I got my hopes up really big and then nothing happened and I took my ball and went home. And that almost killed me. That paradigm shift and my thinking led to my heart attack at 37 a few years later . I became a materialist very quickly and it was bad news.

Since then, in my private life I'm the woo woo guy over in the corner, I'm the hippy wearing only a pair of shorts or a sarong. But this is the most fascinating subject and spectrum of ideas that I've encountered in my entire life. And I feel very fortunate to have had almost every flavor of it so far up until this point and I don't know that I could be here with my thoughts and feelings etc as I am if not for having experienced the bad and the good"

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