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Scientists be Humble - You're Not in Charge!

"Scientists, when you're running a scientific experiment, your assumption is that you're in charge.

You're studying a virus. Okay, I can study the virus. I'm in control of the virus. I can set the parameters of the experiment and all of this.

But what if the experiment involves an intelligence that's beyond yours, and you're actually not controlling the experiment?

And what if, furthermore, that intelligence doesn't really feel that you should know everything about it and it's able to withhold information because it has a mastery of space, time, and dimensions that we can't even conceive of, which is what it looks like to me?

Well, then, in that case, you're not going. Your scientific tools are not always going to be as effective as you might assume. So a little bit of humility is a good idea.

I think of the UFO subject as, like, imagine, like, visualize a wise spiritual master living in a cave, and you want to learn from that master. So you trek all the way up to the mountains of Tibet, and you go up there, and you find this master, and then you say, tell me everything you know.

Well, he's going to be like, get the hell out of here. Come with a little bit of humility, and you have to take your time, because there's a lot that I need to teach you.

That's the UFO subject. The UFO subject is the spiritual master living in the cave and you must approach it with some humility and some patience, and do not expect.

It'd be like going to Ludwig von Beethoven and saying, 'tell me everything you know about counterpoint'. He's going to be like, 'get the hell out of here'.

This is difficult. You're not just, 'I'm not going to tell you everything', because it's too much. It's too difficult. Have patience, have humility."

Richard Dolan chatting to Curt Jaimungal, March 2024

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