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Science Bob McGwier Remembers a Former Tribal Life When He Wore Furs

I know Grant Cameron has had Jimmy Blanchette on a show and is impressed by his claims to be in touch with non-human intelligence via radio.

Jimmy and Bob McGwier now seem to be blood bothers and claim to be about to change the world by using AI to communicate with NHI using radio.

Part of this communication it seems is Bob's girlfriend clairvoyant Lala Bright who is already giving Bob info from 'the others'.

Excuse my scepticism about all this but when I hear Jimmy on air, confess to having goosebumps by hearing Bob talk about his past life regression, as a fur-clad caveman in touch with aliens.....well ...I cringe.

Here's what science Bob said on this Spaced Out Radio show around the one hour mark:

"I did not play my regression which took me back to a previous life where I was wearing fur in a tribe and alien craft landed and picked up a wand to all of our heads and before I died, because she brought me to the end, my intelligence had increased by double. I mean the aliens came down and modified us and they were watchers and Lala and I both know that we have been picked by the watchers to do some work and our lives were arranged for us before we were even born. Half the audience will think you (Jimmy) and I are crazy but I don't even care. Two amateur radio operators about to turn the world on its ear."

Jimmy replies: "I am profoundly moved - it brings tears to my eyes and a lump in my throat."

Bob: " Jimmy it's great to be your friend."

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