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Transcribed Random Quotes from Ross Coulthart in conversation with Jay Anderson following Ross's Australian documentary on August 21, 2022 THE SECRETS, THE COVER UP AND PRESIDENTS DECEIVED This will become become known probably as one of the most, if not the most, important stories that any journalist could ever cover."

Whatever the secrets are that are being concealed, they are going to be disclosed and revealed in first private and then eventually public congressional hearings. We are going into an extremely interesting period in American history where a paradigm that has been ridiculed, stigmatized and often mocked by mainstream media, opinion leaders, politicians, the Pentagon, the intelligence community for much of the last 75 years, is about to be disclosed in a way that I don't think people are even ready for. But imagine if on hearings on the Hill, witnesses start giving evidence about crash retrieval programs. Unless some fuckwit in the Pentagon presses a button and starts a war with China, this is going to come out, essentially there will be Watergate style public hearings on the Hill. Witnesses are going to give evidence and that's the thing I've come back with more certain than I was before. I do think it's going to emerge that presidents have been willfully deceived - or some presidents and the implications of that are momentous. Imagine if it comes out in the congress, imagine say if Hilary Clinton's called or Bill Clinton's called and Bill's asked to explain what he was told as President that Roswell was.... a nonsense story about a retrieved alien spacecraft; imagine if it turns out, and I'm not saying it is necessarily, but imagine if it turns out that Roswell was a retrieved alien spacecraft; imagine if it turns out that Roswell was real; or imagine if it turns out that Roswell was one of a succession of crash retrievals that happened throughout the 1940s and the 1950s; and imagine if it turns out that whatever those craft are or whatever they represent, they're some kind of technology and in an attempt to evade accountability and oversight, there was a conspiracy between sections of the Pentagon and the intelligence community to essentially withhold this from oversight and the purview of Congress by removing it to a private corporate aerospace and imagine if that's it's where it's stagnated for the past 70 something years; imagine if that was the case.... Wouldn't the Congress be legitimately angry that perhaps crimes had been committed? I mean the only way I think that if this is true that it could be not a crime is if some president at some time in previous history has signed an executive order that actually says that this should be kept secret from all future presidents unless there's some reason to do so. But could that be constitutionally legal? What if Bill Clinton gave evidence before the Congress that he did ask and was lied to? I mean the implications of this are extraordinary and I think this is why sunlight is a great disinfectant, it's a great way of bringing this stuff out into the open. But it's also why frankly I think it's important that there be some kind - even though frankly I would love to see the people responsible for any cover up tarred, feathered and dragged behind a HumVee and publicly excoriated - I can accept that there's a need for these people to basically be given some kind of legal protection to come forward and maybe they feel they were doing the honorable thing and basically it was important for this to be protected from foreign adversaries during the Cold War. But either way if there has been some kind of massive cover up of retrieved non human technology which, frankly let's be honest about it, is what people like people like Lue Elizondo and others like Eric Davis, are talking about, then, if there's been that kind of cover up, potentially crimes have been committed and it will only take Congressional hearings, public Congressional hearings for the full story to come to light.

But if that was the case it would come to light fairly quickly if there were public hearings.

That's the exciting thing we're talking about here that if there is concealed a cover up like that then, it needs to be brought out. GOD, HUMANITY'S HIDDEN HISTORY AND ABDUCTION It could be that we're talking about an intelligence that molded the development of humanity as primitive apes...... And when you have people like Lue Elizondo, as he did I think in that GQ paper, talking about the possibility that whatever this is might have meddled with the human genome tens of thousands, millions of years ago, that's when it starts getting interesting for me, it really does raise quite fundamental questions of who we are, us human beings. The whole idea of God...maybe one of the reasons why the religious fundamentalists, if they know the real story, find it so confronting, is because their idea of God is confounded by the simple realization that God is essentially intelligence that hybridized us humans from apes. Could it be as simple as that? Could we be some elaborate science experiment? I don't think that's too confronting an idea - I mean frankly I'm grateful I'm no longer an ape but the interesting thing is that if there is an alien intelligence engaging with this planet and seemingly benevolently in most cases. If it is - and this is the thought process that's going through my mind, if it does turn out to be true, as people like Elizondo and Garry Nolan and many others are suggesting, that there is some kind of intelligence operating on this planet that is non-human, why is it here? That's the bigger question- what's it doing here? And when you ask that question, that's why I thought it's important to give voice to those experiencers who talk about the abduction phenomenon, the cattle mutilation phenomenon, people make extraordinary claims about being experimented upon by non human intelligences. I'm not saying that's real but if the implications are that we have a non human intelligence on this planet, why would they be taking an interest in our genetics? What's going on there? And why aren't we asking these questions? Frankly I think that's the bigger issue. I take it as a given frankly that there is a non-human intelligence operating on this planet, I take is as a given that the United States knows a hell of a lot more than it's letting on. It's been sitting on it and I don't quite know why it's been sitting on it. That's the thing I find the hardest thing of all is understanding why they've kept it so secret. But to me the bigger question I think we'll soon be addressing is what are the implications for the origins of humanity that lie behind this discovery.

THAT POLOROID PHOTO TIM BURCHETT SHOWED TO ROSS We had to blur it - I promised Tim we'd blur it. It's essentially a photograph, it's a Polaroid, so it's an original Polaroid photograph, it's multiple actually I think it's two - the most incredibly clear shot I've ever seen of a kind of a hat shaped flying saucer and it's breathtaking. And as you know it's very hard to fake an original Polaroid photograph. So Tim's doing the right thing. He's worried that he's going to be called a tinfoil hat crazy by just publishing that photograph and he's been approached by somebody in his Congressional district who's a friend of the family and he knows their background, he trusts them implicitly and they've allowed him to have the original Polaroid that's been in the family for quite a long time and he's getting it photo analyzed. It's not the photograph itself that has swayed his opinion by the way. He's talking about other witnesses that he's heard on the Hill in private conversation who've persuade him that this phenomenon is real. But I applaud Congressman Tim Burchett for actually speaking publicly on this issue. We may not agree on all political issues but I think it's commendable that somebody in the Congress has taken a public position in talking about what is an obvious cover up. ACTION Thank you to your listeners and viewers and all I ask is that they keep on writing long and demanding letters to their Congressional representatives. Shake the cage - the wheel that squeaks gets the grease Quotes taken from this Project Unity podcast: The documentary discussed can be found here:

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