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Richard Dolan wonders if Avi Loeb is "losing it" by searching for an ET craft in the Pacific Ocean

Avi Loeb thinks the interstellar object he plans to seek in the Pacific near Papua New Guinea, is metallic and intelligently controlled.

So claims Jimmy Church after chatting for several hours with the Harvard astronomer.

But Richard Dolan laughs about this and wonders if "naive" Avi is "losing it" and asks if he thinks it's still going to be there "just waiting for him?"

"Avi was absolutely amazing" said Jimmy "He didn't hold back."

He said the intelligence agencies tracked it coming in at 200,000 mph and Avi has the location

Dolan "If he finds it, it's a natural object. He's not going to find an ET craft."

Church "He is convinced it's extra-terrestrial, it's not natural, it's artificial."

Dolan "And he thinks it's going to wait there for him?"

Church: "He's convinced that it's metallic and that they are going to be able to find it because it's not made of rock."

Church says he asked him 'If it's extra-terrestrial, are you going to be able to talk about it?'

And Avi replied: "I'm going public. I am convinced"

Dolan asked: "Is he losing it? I mean I haven't talked to him - you've talked to him but I'm really wondering. Like this is a serious concern of judgement from my opinion, my perspective. He's a Harvard astronomer, he's a highly intelligent man, but for him to think, I need to stop and ponder this...this guy actually thinks that he's going to track, find an extra-terrestrial craft, presumably that's what he thinks, that's just going to be sitting there waiting for him."

Church: "Yes. He thinks this is the size of a beach-ball - that it's a probe."

Dolan (smiling): "In the Pacific Ocean - yea that's no problem to find"

Church: "Yea. They know where it entered the water. They have all of that - this was tracked, they had the speed, it didn't burn up in the Earth's atmosphere"

Dolan: "I'm laughing because I just think. you know everyone's got their own learning curve with this subject I guess and he's still on it. He's obviously still on a learning curve"

Dolan mentioned the story told by David Fravor of an undersea object which vanished in deep water

Dolan said "Here's the thing about UFOs - this is a memo for Avi Loeb...they maneuver intelligently. They're not going to just keep sitting around waiting for him to go and find them - that's not going to happen. I think he's losing it a little bit. Let's use some logic here - this is not a logical thing to pursue. It's a fun road trip or ocean trip going out there. Let's see if he can find it. For him to think he's gonna get it. The ultimate 'hopium'...."

Church: "He's convinced that the data shows him it was under intelligent control."

Dolan: "He's not going to find it - it's that simple"

Church says that if it is extra-terrestrial Avi is convinced he can go public with the information

Dolan replies: "Well, God bless him - he's very naïve. But that's not unusual for the academic community frankly. They live in a different world and I think they operate on some different assumptions. And I don't know how much true deep experience he has studying the secrecy and the sheenanigans of the UFO cover-up, so you know he can be forgiven for this but it strikes me as naïve"

Church: "They've got the funding - they're going"

Run forward to 2hr26min33s for this conversation

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