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Revealed - Anti-pollution Plasma Technology to Clean Up the Planet

Revolutionary plasma technology has been invented to stop internal combustion engines from polluting the world.

The device which turns toxic emissions into life giving oxygen, has been invented by Australian Malcolm Bendall,

Details of the invention known as the Plasmoid Energy Thunderstorm Generator were revealed in this podcast by geological explorer Randall Carson. Like natural thunderstorms it uses hot and cold air to create 'lightning' plasma.

The technology could be fitted to power station chimneys, heating boilers, ships and plane engines and air conditioners and literally clean up the planet.

Installed in cars, it would drastically reduce fuel consumption and reduce exhaust gases to zero and produce large amounts of oxygen turning each vehicle into a 'mobile tree'.

Compressed air is fed into a copper tube which, for some not yet understood reason, creates a swirling vortex of hot and cold separation of temperatures between 30 and 300 degrees.

Space and metallurgy company director George Lush, who has helped build and test one of the devices, admits that even the designers can't explain the physics of what is happening with this invention.

He said: "Everything about it is massively counterintuitive and there's no explanation for it rationally"

Randall Carson, who researches ancient history, has discovered an amazing co-incidence which may possibly link this plasma generator with pre-history technology.

A pipe angle in the Thunderstorm Generator must be set at an angle of 51.84 degrees for optimal performance - the exact angle of the slope of the Great Pyramid!

Randall Carlson Finally Reveals Proof of Ancient Lightning Bolt Technology

Malcolm Bendall's Website:

A PDF Explaining how the Thunderstorm Generator Works:

Expert George Lush's View: Malcolm Bendall's MSAART Plasmoid Energy Thunderstorm Generator

Experimental investigation of vortex tube refrigerator with a divergent hot tube

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