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Q & A with Skinwalker Ranch Owner Brandon Fugal

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

He's spent millions of dollars investigating Skinwalker Ranch, has gone from skeptic to experiencer, thinks the phenomenon is both benign and malevolent.

And ranch owner Brandon Fugal says it can drive some people mad, manipulate consciousness and suspects the Government fears losing control.

Transcription of selected quotes here

"I can honestly say I've spent more money than any private individual on the planet in the last decade relative to investigating the phenomena that is for sure and that's no disrespect to my predecessors to Mr Bigelow and others. But literally before even the History Channel series and the the docuseries effort was allowed within the gates, I mean millions of dollars spent in pursuit of the truth and documenting the reality of the phenomenon trying to understand really the origin and the agenda associated with what we are experiencing and I've come come a long ways. I obviously have gone from being a skeptic..... I mean people ask me all the time, 'are you a believer?' and no I I tell people I'm not a believer I'm an experiencer and I can't unsee those things that I have witnessed with others standing at my side. And I think when you combine electromagnetic anomalies coupled with acute medical episodes and UFO sightings all happening simultaneously within the same space on the same afternoon, it is absolute ignorance to deny the reality of the phenomenon and the fact that we are not alone and there is something much more complex

happening. We are without question living in a very interesting place here on Earth"

"I liken the phenomena to really any neighborhood in the United States or anywhere in the world. You're going to have bad actors, you're going to have benevolent you're going to have malevolent people good people, people that are somewhere in

between. I don't think the universe is any different I think the universe is just one huge vast neighborhood and I don't think that what we are experiencing is anything different I think we have data showing that there is malevolence involved, that there is intent to harm; there's also benevolence - people have had beautiful experiences, positive experiences. I think what we're seeing is a diversity. People ask me all the time as you can imagine, is it extraterrestrial are we seeing visitors from other worlds or is it interdimensional? Does this fit within Jacques Vallee's inter dimensional hypothesis or is it angels and demons? Is it spiritual or related to consciousness and I think the answer based on the data is that it is all of the above and that there's a diversity. I don't think that there is any one point of origin or agenda. I think that there are countless different entities that we are dealing with not only at Skinwalker Ranch but here on this planet. And I don't think Bob Bigelow is far off as far as making the statement that they're among us that if we only knew we'd be very surprised we've been visited. We've probably been visited since the beginning of time"

"There's something..... going on where I mean it can drive people mad, it can

manipulate consciousness. Whatever we are dealing with is so much more advanced

than we can comprehend and it's not always nice. It can sense intent, it can size you up in just a moment and it does have command over space time and technology in ways that just are baffling and undeniable seeing how that impacts people and their

psychology it's a key part of the data set and understanding the nature of what we're dealing with"

"There's something called The Hitchhiker Effect we have documented and we've been tracking experiences that people have had off the property after visiting the

ranch and we have been developing a data set tracking those individuals what they're experiencing

I will say this, whatever we are interacting with out there whatever exists on the ranch call it phenomenon, call it entities whatever, it is somewhat predictive. If you bring a spirit of aggression, if you bring an adversarial attitude it seems

to react in kind. The ranch is reflective. If you bring a spirit of humility and

reverence you are more likely to have a positive experience or not have a negative experience and that has been borne out in the data we are experiencing at Skinwalker Ranch"

About remote viewing Brandon said "I was a skeptic, open-minded but very skeptical. I am no longer skeptical. I've now shifted from skeptic to believer to actual experiencer. When it comes to remote viewing I've seen the data, I've seen absolute evidence that it is real and that's both inspiring, that should thrill everyone and scare everyone to death as well. It's real though, it's absolutely real and yes we are trying to employ that to gain further insight "

About Steven Greenstreet who visited Skinwalker Ranch, Brandon Fugal said "Believe it or not I really fell in love with the guy. When we parted ways I remember giving him a huge hug. I honestly enjoyed my interaction with Steven and my hope is that he'll just tell the truth"

"If we're dealing with something that has command over space-time, over consciousness .... we're not in control.

I have to tell you that's probably the most terrifying thing - I think the people that are probably the most terrified are the people within our national security apparatus. A lot of people are like, 'well why aren't they bringing this to the public, why aren't

there Congressional hearings?' Well I don't think they know. And you think about that, if there are are objects, if there are entities that are able to enter our airspace, violate our airspace indiscriminately and are able to manipulate consciousness and are so advanced, I mean all bets are off - there is no security. I mean it's all an illusion"

"Has my team felt threatened? Hell yes! After they're running experiments and late at night a Blackhawk helicopter shows up and literally just drops down to a hover right above the south field, just south of the ranch house and Homestead One and just sits there with its lights off, yeah my people have been very concerned. They're outgunned, they're outclassed. I mean Dragon, he looks me and he's got permanent bitch face but he doesn't have a Blackhawk, we don't have that kind of artillery or arsenal" Brandon Fugal

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