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Not the Science - it's the Heart!

It wasn't the Navy patents of controversial physicist Sal Pais that impressed Curt Jaimungal when he interviewed him on his Theories of Everything podcast. It was his Sal's love, forgiveness and heart! Curt confided his feelings when asked by Dave on the Generation Zed show what his takeaway was, from his long chat with Sal. Curt said: "What I took away most was about him as a person. He inspires me because he's so criticised and excoriated by so many people, and then I think he listed two or three actual critics, maybe Eric Davis was one of them, Hal Puthoff was another. And then I said: 'What do you think of them then?' He said: "Well they don't think much of me but I hope that they can get their work known - I don't think any less of them"....and then you could see the heartbreak in him. Firstly I felt bad and then I felt extremely touched that he could have some enemies and show love and forgiveness to them - and that's not easy to do. So that inspired and inspires me and that's what I took away most - despite all the physics in that was the heart" Here's the interview that so touched Curt's heart....

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