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Stanford University Professor Garry Nolan has been in touch with celebrity psychic medium Tyler Henry. It's not because he wants to chat with the dead but he's eager to know what's going on inside the Hollywood Medium's head. On a recent edition of That UFO Podcast, Garry explained: "I listen to him and watch him as he's giving these readings and he says I see this and they're telling me that and I wonder what's going on inside his head that's allowing him to come to these conclusions and where's the information coming from? And how is that information being interpreted in the brain" He added: "I'd love to sit down and have a conversation with him. I've had a couple of quick back channel discussions on Twitter but if I'm busy, he's a thousand times busier because everybody and their brother wants a reading. The question I want from some of these mediums is what is it that they see and what is the feeling of the sense. When I get an intuitive flash and I'm not a medium, to me it has a specific color or a flavor that's different from other ideas that arrive. And I'm starting to train myself to say 'Ah!' when that moment happens, there's something that was an intuitive flash. Wherever it came from I need to pay attention to it because inevitably, it's correct. And so I would love to train that ability to have it more on call." The mediumship topic arose from earlier discussion about his research into specific areas of the brain. He said: "If information can come through some anomalous channel - and by that I'm not trying to hide anything - I'm talking about some sort of psychic power or psychic ability, it will perforce process through this region. And if information is to be laid on human consciousness in our brain, it's going to come through at least one of five mainstream sensors." The podcast here timestamped to this topic

Here Tyler Henry is quizzed about his mediumship

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