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"No longer mystique or mystery .... there's a real presence here ... somebody standing watching what you do..." Jason Sands

Part transcript of Jason Sands dialogue on an 'X' Spaces June 14, 2024

Please note - this is taken from an auto translation and may not be accurate in parts

Whistleblower Jason Sands admitted on a Spaces chat today that his coming out that way previously upset David Grusch and the disclosure team.

He said "David and the rest of the guys were I guess upset with me because I didn't realize that they had all these plans, okay? And I think I shattered some of that in their mind and that for some reason now is either going rogue or I hadn't thought things through. Maybe they're right - maybe I didn't think it fully thro and it did do some kind of damage to their plan - but I don't think it did - maybe actually coming around to help them because they seem to be coming out on Spaces themselves now. I don't see a problem including the American public"

"There's parts of this that I'm still not fully opening up about because I know that having these experiences is kind of like 'golly gee whiz' at there's a very solemn part of this, you know you have to face yourself at some point when you finally come to grips with the fact that this is a fact. You've got work to do on yourself really and you can't blame anybody else. And when you come to that realization it makes you a bit sad and makes you depressed about mankind in general and you kind of lose some enchantment about life and you've got to be careful of that. And that's why I'd say that full revelation right now is not for everybody. I had to learn it slowly and deeply and that's the part that not a lot of people have walked that walk that they get to to that really deep part of it. It's a part of them for life and you know that it's unshakeable - it's no longer this mystique or mystery any more. There's a real presence here. I mean it's like knowing that you've got somebody that's been standing there the whole time watching what you do in all of the chicanery that you've done as well as all the good. And how do you stack up after all that.

I think I've got a lot of journalists that are putting together their pieces and maybe each of them can do their own rendition thereafter. I know I just listened to Coulthart lately on some of his stuff. I'm just like 'Holy crap dude - you've talked to some people man'. He has heard from literally the people that I was working with and I'm like 'good grief, you've got to be kidding me' They actually did that in Australia and he's like talking to these people. And that's the kind of stuff that is earth shattering"

Talking of science he said "How can we possibly think we have everything right at this point in time? There are so many different types of energy sources that we have not really explored. And I think some of the truth being set out there is there's parts of it that it seems like the govt doesn't want us to even touch, like free energy and I think that's tied up in all the big business"

Question about the Charles Hall stories - the Tall Whites being "typically hostile" and was Nellis a Spaceport where NHI craft come and go?

"I did listen to the full Monty on Charles Hall - I know a friend that knows him personally. And I believe everything he says. It's very similar to the description of the being that I met some years later. Seems to be according to Charles' description that the being I met was a younger version of a Tall White. I've only that encounter to go with and that person was not hostile. Listening to Charles Hall's story, yea the ones on the range where he was working seemed hostile. And the same thing I could say that when I was on mission, I heard that whenever the tall whites were mentioned in the lab environment, they didn't want humans around. So I think the Program people (were) thought of in a bad way by the Tall Whites.

It seems the hostility is almost everything I've heard that I felt was believable, is that it was the Program people that had done something or a group within the Program, brought grievances......and maybe we're making them guarded because of our own kind of brutality towards them and that may be a factor in there, that may be part of the mix."

Question about whether his coming out was some kind of psyop...

Jason replied that what happened was "totally spontaneous on my part. I didn't do it to be mean to anybody or to get Sheehan or anybody else upset. I fully support what Sheehan is doing - I really respect him, Garry Nolan I respect, Coulthart and Corbell, Knapp and everybody else that's helped me along the way.

They've said, yea you know I just can't come forward, you know, I'm a journalist and they all have their reasons and I understand their reasons, they have to be careful. They all have their own reputations and they have their own way of handling their reputations. Me - honestly, I don't give a shit! I'm just a person who's trying to get a better spot and I'm just sick and tired having to play rules ...that the entire effort for disclosure has to be done a certain way. I think that's being a little bit too sensitive" Spaces link

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