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Less awe and more fear from Leslie Kean about UFOs that have "complete control over us"

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

At the end of an interview on That UFO Podcast Andy McGrillen asked Leslie Kean a question from Joe: "What has surprised you most about the UFO topic that you've learned in the last five years but maybe doesn't get the coverage or discussion within the UFO community that it should?"

Leslie Kean replied:

For me personally I think getting an expanded perception of what the UFO is all about, like for instance Skinwalkers at the Pentagon, those bizarre experiences, the hitchhiker effect thing where the paranormal aspects go with a person to another location, and the orbs that are coming into people's bodies and causing medical injuries.

I think I'm more aware of this being something that's fearful, I'm more aware that this is a power. This non-human intelligence is something that has complete control over us humans and I understand why they've wanted to keep that a secret really.

I have more of a sense of the frightening elements of it and I have to say than I had before 2017, just from talking to people and people who've had experiences and close encounters and listening to Jim Semivan and what happened to him and and his perception of this - I really relate to that. So I'm a little bit more sort of less in awe of it and a little more fear to tell you the truth and just an expanded perception of how much we really don't know about what it is and how it manifests in so many different ways, like how do we explain the variety of manifestations of whatever this paranormal, this other reality, is.

But I think that this element of the non-human, whatever this non-human thing is, that it does have so much power control over us and it can do anything it wants and we have nothing we can do about it and that's really sort of sunk in, hit me at a new level in more recent times - not that that's something wonderful to share but I think it's the reality of it.

It's hearing also things like just weird illnesses that people get from it and you don't want to get too close to these things and all of that. I just wasn't aware of it before.

I don't know what else to say. I've certainly gotten to know people who I'm speaking to off the record behind the scenes and I'm much aware of how much there is knowledge among deep highly classified and people with clearances within the intelligence community, there really is a lot of knowledge about this and I think there are a lot of discussions about what should be revealed and what shouldn't be revealed and I understand the hesitancy about revealing certain things because it's a lot to deal with. So I do worry about it a little bit more.

I'm also worried about the future more. I worry about climate change and how that might interact with the UFO phenomenon as the Earth starts to become less and less habitable - how is that going to play out?


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