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Intelligent Design scientists are not "cheating on the rules of science" says atheist Eric Weinstein

When scientist Travis Taylor in a recent Blaze TV panel discussion said that human evolution by natural selection was mathematically impossible, his claims created a storm of protests

Now atheist mathematician Eric Weinstein has boldly claimed that scientists backing intelligent design are Galileo type heretics.

In a discussion with Dr Brian Keating on the Into the Impossible podcast, Eric said: "They know that they're heretics and if you think about let's say Galileo's heresy, they are in some sense the heretics of today and their reputations are burned at the stake. They're not Bruno in in the 1600s in the Square but I think that what we have to say is that many of these people are making points that atheists wish would go away "

He said that scientists in favour of ID are "a population of people who agree with the rules of science, they are not going to cheat on the rules of science because... Jesus."

He cites the Wistar Conference at the University of Pennsylvania where scientists argued "the books got closed prematurely"

He said: "In fact it's the atheists according to them, who were led into error because they were trying to close the books desperately so as not to leave any gap large enough for a God to be smuggled into the canon of science."

He added: "I am persuaded that the Richard Dawkins of the world who have contributed in my estimation hugely to modern evolutionary theory, are so afraid of dealing with religious colleagues that they were eager to shut the books and not give many of these people their due and what's more the concept of intelligent design is a really interesting one."

He said: "The words intelligent design have been made radioactive and so what we're arguing about is, should the books have been closed with the neo-Darwinian synthesis or should they have been left open? I have to say I really think that without the religious scientists who are willing to destroy themselves in their careers..... I believe that many of those people are responsible for prying the books open when Dawkins and company wished to close them prematurely."

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