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"I'm 100% Committed" Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand: "I'm supposed to get a report in the next, I think, month or two. They've briefed our staff but it wasn't very significant - not a lot of information. They're building the office right now and they understand what the mission is. I met the guy who is in charge of the office - he understands he is supposed to work with the private sector and all the people who have all the data and information.

He is also asked to go back and look at all of the archival data...he has not been able to get access to it. As you can imagine, it is probably siloed in all sorts of places. So his job is to try to get access to all of it, and if he can't, I said just go forward - if you can't get the historic stuff, get what's in the private sector data, like FAA data, correlate it, investigate all the other things that are current and just create a state of the art office. And he's committed, and they're taking it seriously. And they're not going to hide it - because there are so many of us now on the Intel Committee and Armed Services that we're going to stand by the service members who documented this stuff. They have video, they have radar, they have heat sensors, they have everything. So I'm not going to let it go - I'm one hundred percent committed."

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