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"I can't continue on my own and I need to go home, back to the Source" Poppy Palin

This has got to be the saddest and most tragic video I have ever posted because in it a beautiful and talented young artist in her own voice shares a moving goodbye message prior to her death. Poppy Palin was well known in pagan, wicca and crop circle communities around Wiltshire, Hampshire and Somerset, a singer in a band and and was a vibrant voice for love and harmony. Please watch her last testament video here and in Poppy's words "Reach out to those that suffer and grieve - don't leave them feeling alone and unloved." She passed away on May 26, 2022 and set the three videos to be released following her death. A friend told me she suffered from M.E. and was often in "crippling pain". In her second video featuring her artwork she says: "I was a little conduit - stuff came through me for a time and it stopped and now maybe somebody else can carry on" Here are some quotes from her first video: "I think I've done everything I came here to do - what I came here to do wasn't that much actually because I doubt that my body of work has been very impressive....I'm just not very good at dealing with life... I'm hoping that there will be more worlds than this - that I am going somewhere that I would call home, the place I came from, the place I return to, even if it's just a case of: I was a wave rising out of the eternal ocean and now I'm going back into it. But I won't be here suffering on my own, this terrible loneliness and sadness, loss and grief. I know that grief passes but when you have lost so much; you have lost your parents, your best friend - a couple of best friends - and your soul mate and you are stuck, physically stuck, because there's nobody to help you." Below this YouTube goodbye video Poppy wrote: "I'm sorry it had to be this way but I can't continue on my own and I need to go home, back to the Source. I've stayed strong for so long - trying not to complain or explain - but now I've got to share the truth. I'm alone, my strength has failed me, my pain-wracked body is weary, my heart hurts beyond bearing and my soul yearns for comfort and care. I send my love to you - and to all our relations - always. Please think well of me, I didn't mean to let you down. I'm just a broken Poppy who hopes to be healed and cherished again. Until we meet again, stay wild and free, dear souls. And please be kind, unfailingly. Reach out to those that suffer and grieve - don't leave them feeling alone and unloved."

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