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How to Lure UFOs with Nuclear Bait by Lue Elizondo (in March 2021)

Claims that the Russians have found a way to make UFOs appear by baiting them, seems to have prompted Lue Elizondo into hinting that the US may try doing something similar using nuclear material as a lure.

And after hearing a Russian senior military official on an audio clip point out that UFOs don't fly - "they just appear and disappear" -- Lou has given his own complex theory of how UAPs manipulate space time creating a bubble insulating against gravity making speed meaningless.

Lou was being interviewed by Sara Carter.

Below I have selected and transcribed relevant parts of the conversation between Luis Elizondo (LE) and Sara Carter (SC)


Let's listen to this next clip. This is another clip This is also a Russian military senior official talking about what they believe their military officials have witnessed and their military personnel have witnessed when it comes to UFOs


Everything was recorded, everything was timed and according to the program that was drawn up and i will tell you that it was well drawn up. It provided not only for the fixation of ufos. We sometimes incorrectly call them flying objects, because these unidentified objects are not flying - just appearing and disappearing


Could you talk a little bit Lue about how like they show up and then they just they disappear, but you also talked about the fact that it's about the speed the rate at which they are moving which may be different than what we're seeing like as far as time frames are concerned - that's why we we think they disappear and show up but it's actually at the rate in which they're moving that's playing a game with maybe with what we're seeing


Yeah so you know we we as human beings live fundamentally in a three-dimensional space that we're all very comfortable with and there's three axes of movement you have what we call the physics x-axis y-axis and z-axis or in the vernacular i can go forward and backwards left and right and up and down and time tends to be the function of a fourth dimension if you will and that is the universe in which we are comfortable and that we are used to living. But thanks to to the efforts of folks like Einstein we now realize that space time, the very the very fabric of space time, is indeed flexible, it's malleable, it's not linear in the way that we perceive space-time.

And so there there is much research going on right now that if you have the ability to just let's say temporarily insulate yourself from the effects of earth's gravity. By definition you'd have to insulate yourself from the all the effects of earth gravity, not just that sensation of being pulled down to the surface of the earth but the warping of space-time that the earth exhibits on its surrounding that in itself would be insulating you would no longer feel the effects of that and so if you were able to somehow create this bubble around you that insulated yourself from the effects of earth's natural gravity, then what may appear to to an outsider as this incredible rapid movement almost, if you will, riding the wave tops of space-time this jerkiness and movement in fact really isn't so. If you were inside this bubble looking at the rest of humanity you might notice us all moving in slow motion in fact and so what appears to us as this incredible velocity hypersonic velocity, instantaneous acceleration etc, is really just potentially a localized area of space time that is insulated from the from the natural environment around it and so therefore you are operating in a different space-time construct and not even by a lot even a little bit can can really change the perception from the outside so it may very well be a result of the propulsion being used potentially the science or the technology that's creating this interesting observation


i want to play this last clip. In this clip the Russians are claiming that they have a capability of doing something that actually allows them to visualize and see this object. When they do it the general doesn't explain what what the Russians do, but they basically say they have a way of luring it so that they can visualize it and then I want to get your take on that


Suddenly a flying saucer appeared which began to quickly approach the plane and hovered over him. The flying saucer was not just hanging over the plane, it sometimes descended from the side from the bottom,in other words it examined the crew. Attempts to increase the speed by changing of aircraft attitude to go away did not lead to anything because the flying saucer is literally stuck. I watched the materials of the pilots who encountered this phenomenon however information about ufos remained in the archives of the secret services in the 18th Air Force General Vasily Alexaev the leadership of the Air Force ordered to record any information about mysterious objects. All the collected data was sent to the Air Force Research Institute. These works continued methodically without a break for about six months. everything was recorded, everything was timed and according to the program that was drawn up and I will tell you that it was well drawn up It provided not only for the fixation of ufos. We sometimes incorrectly call them flying objects because these unidentified objects are not flying- just appearing and disappearing Experiments were conducted very successfully in order to cause them to appear.


'In order to cause them to appear'. That's very interesting to me. Do you believe what he is saying and if so what is your guess on what that might be what could the Russians have?


To answer simply - yes absolutely I agree wholeheartedly with that assessment.

The problem is, is the how. And I want to be careful I, not to say too much and only because I still have a security clearance.. and I think there may be efforts underway to continue that line of of experimentation. But we do know that based upon our observations, that there seems to be some commonalities associated with these ufos. And then when they say commonalities I mean from a national security perspective.......

What I mean is the information that that we have we have collected about these these craft, these vehicles, whatever you want to call them, these UAP/UFOs there seems to be some commonalities and one of them is a keen interest in our nuclear capability.

When I resigned from the Department of Defense I actually put in my resignation memo, that some of the concern we have is that there appears to be some sort of interest in our nuclear technology and not just nuclear weapons but nuclear propulsion, nuclear energy, any type of technology that's associated with our nuclear strategic capability.

So that's that's one of them and I suspect that you know, with a clever group of folks you could probably come up with ways to test that theory and and see if there's a way to 'lure these out' but beyond that I probably can't... shouldn't say much more.

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