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How did his husband know Garry Nolan's secret hiding place?

The psychic intuition of Garry Nolan's husband revealed Garry had smoked a secret joint!

This favorite story was told by Garry in a discussion on this podcast about how some people's brains seem more equipped for intuitive functions.

Garry said: "I had a funny story I haven't told publicly but I always use this with my my friends. So when my husband and I were first going out, he had gone on vacation somewhere and I, for one reason or another, had a joint and he didn't like me smoking but I occasionally did it like on a Friday night.

And so before he came home I realized that I had left it in the bathroom so I run upstairs and I pick it up and I put it in a little box on the bureau in the bedroom.

So he comes home, I go downstairs I grab his his bag to help him, we go upstairs, he walks into the room, he looks around. He walks right over to that box and he opens it up and he pulls a thing out and he says "What is this?". I said "How the f... did you know that?" He said "I don't know. I just knew there was something about that box right?"

And and so we laugh about it years later. But where did he get that information? It's not like it was we had cameras in the bedroom or anything. So it's that kind of thing that

basically tells me that nearly everybody has it, or in retrospect I should check his brain, we haven't done it yet."

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