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Gimbal UFO may have sent friendly message, says Travis Taylor

Newly revealed UAP Task Force Chief Scientist Dr Travis Taylor believes the Gimbal incident may show evidence that the craft communicated that it was friendly.

Speaking informally to Micah Hanks and Chrissie Newton at the recent SCU conference, Travis Taylor suggested that from his own analysis of the Gimbal video, the ID Friend or Foe unit on board the aircraft, appeared to have elicited a response from the UAP in the affirmative, ie that it's friendly.

Micah said: "Travis thought this was pretty interesting".

In this podcast Micah points out that there are several cases in the Blue Book files where UFOs appear to have responded to IFF queries in the affirmative.

This topic was apparently discussed at that SCU conference where Robert Powell and Peter Reali discussed some of the group's current research including something called The Intention Study.

Several other cases of UAPs responding, some even with classified encrypted messages, are discussed in this audio podcast. Begin listening with mention of Taylor around the 1 hour 3 minute mark.

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