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Garry Nolan's 'Gifting Zone' Where UFOs Drop Metal

Stanford Professor Garry Nolan is California dreaming of being there to witness a UFO dropping mystery metal that he can analyze.

The unlikely scenario comes about because he's in touch with a man in California who regularly sees UFOs that expel material and who has worked out just when it will happen.

Garry, who is seeking Jacques Vallee's expertise on this issue, plans an exploratory trip to the 'gifting zone'.

He revealed details of every ufologist's dream in a Disclosure Team podcast timestamped here:

Here's what he told Vinnie:

"I've been going back and forth with someone here in California trying to get down to where he lives because he has one of these situations where they see something multiple times and it's one of these things that drops material and he sees certain luminant patterns that occur right before it drops material - in this case the material is a metal. Actually I'm trying to get Jacques to the situation because he has a sort of a Sherlock Holmes approach to seeing things and asking questions but needs to be on site to grok and gestalt the witness and the situation" Vinnie said it sounded just like the famous Council Bluffs, Iowa case. Garry replied: "It is. I've said several times there's several historical ones- and here's one which is still ongoing and it's about a reproducible situation as I could ever hope for and it's right in my backyard.. It's still ongoing. I'm going to spend a weekend looking into it. It'll be a fun trip."

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