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Garry Nolan believes the Wilson/Davis encounter happened but was Wilson's account factual?

On a science podcast called Event Horizon the host John Michael Godier asked Dr Garry Nolan: Have you read the Wilson/Davis memo, do you think it's a hoax or do you think there might be something there that suggests the US Government has recovered materials that we don't know about?

Garry Nolan replied:

I more than a hundred per cent believe that Eric is reporting something that happened in a conversation that was had.

Now I can for all the right reasons understand why Admiral Wilson would need to deny it. Now the open question is whether they were talking about something which factually behind the scenes was happening. Admiral Wilson could have been talking to Eric about something he was told might just have been a misinformation campaign right, or somebody was lying to him.

And this is one of those things where we could argue endlessly about whether Eric is reporting what happened. I just know Eric. he just has no...there's no profit in him lying about this and I also know Eric in how he's one of those truly unique individuals who has an eidetic memory. He can recapitulate a memory in ways that if I could...God I wish I could do what he could do, remember a conversation practically word for word. I mean it's a kind of talent I wish we could share...

So the open question is 'are they talking about something that really happened or is it, as I said, a disinformation campaign? So once you get into that kind of unknowingness I basically have to lose interest because absent a camera or the ability to trace back the other discussions that were supposedly had by Admiral Wilson, we'll never know. I mean it's useful and I'm glad people are going to investigate it but I'm not going to sit around and argue about it because again I'm just going to do the things that I know that I can do.

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