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Eric Weinstein's Wishlist for UFO Investigation

At the end of this podcast, Eric Weinstein, was asked by host Curt Jaimungal, what he wanted from the UFO scene.

Here's Eric's wish list......

I want our top quantum field theorists. general relativists and differential geometers read into what data we have.

And I would like them to be the representatives that actually go through whatever data may exist as to whether anything is moving in ways that are inconsistent with our physics.

And I would like to figure out whether this is a physics issue or whether this is a defense security technology public policy issue.

If it's physics I want this turned over to the people who actually understand where the cutting edge of theoretical physics is, and what's possible under the twin theories of the standard model in quantum field theory and general relativity and gravity theory.

I would like to know whether or not we are seeing anything that is indicative of anything beyond the science we have. That said I think there's a small probability that something like that would be true.

The other basic ask is that we stop destroying people through our skepticism, through our fears of bunk, through our fears of a conversation run out of control.

It's really important to me that we recognize that gaslit people are everywhere and we need to do as much as we can to destroy that, whether the end of Blue Book or something ushered in an area where we poo pooed all of this, even if it's nonsense or a cover story.

That we start treating people who take this decision tree seriously and not force them to say it's either UFOs or a psi-op but recognize the possibility that we may be looking at a confluence of many different things

And to allow people the freedom to behave as scientists and invite anecdote, data and disclosure, so that the government really has to realize it's not their f-ing information, it belongs to all of us. And it's time to put this thing to bed in one way or another so that Nick (West) gets some great data that he can go over and see whether it's just some bugs, seagulls, Mylar balloons and apertures... or whether there's something really here.

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