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Did a Driver Photograph a Monster in Road near Skinwalker Ranch?

Driving home not far from Skinwalker Ranch a husband sent a Snapchat photo of the dark road to his wife to let her know he was on his way.

Seconds later she returned the photo with a comment "You were not alone!"

For in the picture she scrawled a ring around what she'd spotted at the side of the road - a tall humanoid figure with glowing eyes together with a smaller similar being also visible.

The wife sent the photo to Sarah Hulsey because she knows she's interested in Skinwalker Ranch and the weird happenings there.

Sarah, whose parents live in the area, told me: "He took the picture as he was driving on Highway 191 as he was leaving Vernal just north of the boat inspection center. He was returning from training as a bus driver. I was intrigued because of the glowing eyes and you can see the head and shoulders and see the smaller one's eyes glowing too. There’s NOTHING out there that would make any sense as to what it was - nothing to make reflections from the headlights - no traffic signs. It’s all wide open hills on that side of the road."

She's asked the couple to come forward but they've declined.

I've upped the contrast on the photo to highlight the figure but the definition is poor.

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