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Chris Mellon opened by emphasising that he was speaking just for himself and not for any organisation. But he covered crash retrievals, the latest US immunity from prosecution UFO bills, Elizondo unlikely to give evidence, disclosure "shocking" people into creating a more peaceful world, military abductions and a denial that there's a secret cabal with a UFO disclosure agenda. Some parts of the video has indistinct audio so please accept this transcript as sometimes incomplete and possibly some words may be incorrect First was a question about crash retrievals and whether the technology is the main interest of retrieving any items Mellon "Congress is putting into place procedures to our government that will grant amnesty to people that have information about that topic There have been long standing allegations that our government has recovered some craft (indistinct) material The greatest side of the thing is that we should get to the bottom of that soon because there is going to be a legal mechanism by which government officials, military people and others who may be living under legal restrictions, will actually be able to come forward without fear of prosecution to talk about that or other programs that have not been briefed to Congress or released to the American people or the public.

Next question starts "Mr Mellon, to your knowledge" and then becomes inaudible... Mellon There are people that make that claim...the congress is putting this procedure in place because they have reason to believe that that may in fact be the case as hard as that is to believe, as mind boggling as that is to believe. They didn't do this on a whim. This a is an extraordinary thing that meant the congress to embrace such a (indistinct) notion. There's been incredible change in the last few years on Capital Hill. When I got involved in this issue in 2017 there had essentially been no change publicly since 1970 and the end of Project Blue Book,. We were stuck in a D loop and there were allegations but nothing was changing, there was no progress, no resolution. So the exciting news today is that now the Congress is engaged, they're putting this legislation in place - it hasn't passed, but it is (indistinct) in both houses of congress in the committee bills going forward, so it's almost certain to pass. The military defence department have been directed and are embracing the mission to begin using the vast apparatus of the defense department for the first time ever to try to seek answers to this question . And I've written about these capabilities, some things on my website at a public unclassified level to give the public some sense, some notion of how incredible some of these capabilities are. If you don't know what the Space Fence is, if you don't know what our ballistic missile defense system know we have systems that can see a tennis ball 20,000 miles away in orbit. So now those incredible capabilities are being used to begin to try to answer this question. So that's the real exciting thing.

There are people that I know and working on this for many years now and people in the defense department, political peoples, senators, former (indistinct) defense, scientists, generals, there are some people who are trustworthy who have the appropriate credentials and access, who have told me that this is true., and have told me that they're considering coming forward once this legislation's passed .but I also want to add something else and this is important because the UFO community doesn't generally hear the other side of the story and that is for every one of those people there are also four or five or ten people that are very very senior that told me it's not true. But from the secretaries of defence, air force generals and others, so I think we have need to be patient and give the system a chance to work and it should - I believe it will.

Question What can you say about the statement that UFOs do not have propulsion systems and what you are saying this can involve?

Mellon The statement that UFOs do not have propulsion systems....I'm not sure I understand the question , there are mountains of evidence, the Nimitz case for example. we have seen and photographed and tracked vehicles for decades that have no exhaust, they have no air intake, they have no control surfaces, they have no visible means of propulsion, they have no wings. This is one of the interesting things about this phenomenon to me, is that if we imagine probes from some other civilisation might be visiting our planet, we would expect them to be so radically different, that they would appear to be like magic..And that's kind of what we see.. So actually yes we do see objects that are doing things we don't understand and can't explain. There's no question about that - no question.

Next came a question about the Government immunity from UFO prosecution bill and asking for details of likely dates of passing and what happens if the bill is not approved.

Mellon The legislation funds the US Military so there is a strong incentive to get it passed every year - the funding has to continue somehow but it's also a bill that has so many billions of dollars - it's about 800 billion dollars and many, many individual programs and different amendments, that legislation has to pass the house, it has to go to conference with the Senate, has to them be passed in the identical form by both houses and go to the President for signature. typically what happens is - it gets late into the Fall and there are some amendments being offered to that bill because there's so much money, that they can't get it actually passed until they get pressed up against thanksgiving vacation or Christmas vacation, that's the reality, so probably by the end of the Fall by the end of the year, could be by Christmas, should happen but sometime what they do is, extraneous forces sometimes for political reasons, they can't get it done and what they do then is have a short term extension of the current budget so that's a possibility as well. Most probably it will be enacted by the end of the year or early next year. There is also legislation in the Senate side - it's almost certain to pass - almost guaranteed to pass because there is support of both parties in both houses. and it's already in the bills that are going to the floor. so it could be November- it could be January, it's almost certain to happen in the months ahead. Question So if this whistleblower act happens and people like Elizondo can come forward and blow the whole thing open.... and also what makes you so passionate about this subject? Mellon I can't speak for Lue but I don't think Lou is going to one of the people who is going to be coming forward. I don't believe that Lou would directly, on any alien recovery program. Could be wrong but I don't believe that's the case - I know Lue very well. We work closely together. but there are other people. Why am I passionate about it? Two things - one, I've been interested in this since I was seven years old and I saw a video that had been taken by a member of the community which showed our entire school, a massive UFO in broad daylight, sailing through the clouds, beautiful day, blue sky and it banked and it went into a cloud and it disappeared and it came out the other side. I started reading all of the books that I could and all that. But the thing that got me involved publicly is that in 2017 late 2016 I was doing some consulting for the Office of Naval Intelligence and I met Lue in the Pentagon and some others and I became aware that our pilots were encountering these things on a regular weekly almost daily basis over training ranges in the ocean and nobody was doing anything about it. It wasn't being reported up the chain, the Defense, the congress didn't know, everybody was afraid to talk about it and the pilots were having near mid air collisions. it was so prevalent. they were putting warning notices at the bases for the fighter pilots saying be aware that these things are out there and they were seen so often that there was a potential they actually had a crash. And so when I learned that - I said that's just not acceptable and I'm going to do whatever I can and that's when I really got involved, first to try to get to the Secretary of Defense and then going to the New York Times and Congress. A point I'd like to add to that the report that went to Congress, the unclassified report last June of 2021. I identified eleven near mid air there's a safety issue as well as a broader national security issue. Who's flying around our country, why are they there. who are they? what are doing snooping around our military bases? and then of course there's the larger scientific cosmic questions. Question What geo-political repercussions can this legislation being passed can have and what implications does it have if the government of the United States of America recognises that there is indeed presence of aliens and during the cold war the trend was to remain silent and to keep everything in secrecy and now if this act is passed and this sort of information is recognised, what will happen? Is this going to create a new trend for everything to go public and be classified. Mellon Great question, .two things I need to say about that, first of all the legislation doesn't ensure the information will go public. So it will go to Congress, it will go to the Advanced Airborne Reconnaissance Office, the Anomalous Airborne Reconnaissance Office, which is going to be getting a new name after this year's legislation passes, they're changing the name again to `Joint Aerospace Undersea Program Office. But it's important to bear in mind that it will not necessarily become immediately public information. Congress handles a lot of classified information and keeps a lot of information secret, so they'll have to make a decision at that point in the White House. That's the first point. I need to respond to the second part of the question. Two things - one, fabulous question, I like to be optimistic, my hope is that if this is true, that the information will become public. The world religion today.... there are people, who are frightened of the extra terrestrial question but is that more frightening than the fact that we live in a world in which nuclear escalation's increasing, nuclear weapons are proliferating, global warming is happening, artificial intelligence is not under any kind of control, biotechnology is expanding out of control - the consequences that we need unprecedented collaboration and cooperation of nations all over the world and I think the most optimistic scenario would be, is that this might cause the nations of the world to view one another differently and collaborate in ways they haven't before. So if this goes public and there's no change in behaviour but everybody realises 'oh my gosh, somebody else is here, we're being watched, we don't know what their agenda is', , that could be a level of shock and reframing of how we think about ourselves as a species and our planet. I would like to think it might have a very positive effect in enhancing collaboration and reducing conflict between countries. That would be my hope. Next came a question about whether any of his views about the UAP issue had changed over the years. Mellon Yes my views have changed. So when I worked in the Defense Department there is a structure for monitoring all of the black programs to make sure the Army and Navy and Airforce so the Secretary of Defence has control over all those programs that are spread around. At that time I participated in a review of those programs and there was nothing related to UFOs. but there's not enough time to explain how complicated our system is of secrets. But one of things you have to understand is that we have three galaxies of secrets and I was very deep in two of them but not in the third, we have the Intelligence Community which has its own whole world of secrets, we have the Defense Department which has hundreds of programs that the intelligence community doesn't know about. and largely vice versa. And we have the Department of Energy which has tens of billions of dollars of black programs But since I left the government I have learned new things and new information that has raised the question as to whether there wasn't something outside of that system that was so special, so super secret that it was kept out of that whole process. And so that's one of the questions and that's one of the reasons Congress is taking the action that it is. Next came a question asking that if UFOs crash all over the world is there any benefit for any country being first to declare they are studying UFOs and are smaller countries like Peru and Chile who have been more open, influenced by the US, Russia or China Mellon Clearly it's a global phenomenon - no question. We see that in civilian reports from around the world and other countries - the French have had an official government office for decades which has been studying the UAP phenomenon .And obviously we're overtly doing it now. The fact that we're open about that, I don't know that brings much advantage,

One of the things that we don't know - first if all it might not be a crash. There are different versions of these stories and different flavors and one is that something was left just like a gift - something just landed, that's just a story. I'm not saying that's true that's one version of the story. I think if we imagine for a moment that a country has recovered something like that, the military people, their natural desires are going to be to exploit it for their unique advantage right rather than going public with it.

As I said earlier I think we're at a point where the trends in international relations are so negative with Russia and Ukraine and China and the South China Sea and Taiwan not to mention global warming and so many other things that something that shocks and jolts a system and our entire species and causes us to think about our planet differently and ourselves might have a tremendous beneficial effect. That would be my hope. and maybe that's because I've been involved in trying to bring this out so I'm naturally wanting to think this is going to be for the better if that proves to be the case.

Q We have reports from abductees...but also military abductions are you aware of any of these programs actually performed by army or officials and will it come to the public information?

Mellon OK a couple of role in this, - it is so hard to get people in the government to even consider the possibility that UFOs are real that UAPs are real. I wouldn't want to go anywhere near the abduction phenomenon. I face the challenge of senators, congressmen, editors from major newspapers trying to get them to take that issue seriously. That was a huge challenge to begin with. If we had tried from the outset to include abductions and that sort of thing, I don't know that we'd be where we are today with the progress that we've made. I hope that whatever else is involved in this phenomenon comes to light. I have a career CIA person who had an incredible experience along the lines of what you're discussing but it did not involve our military. we have military personnel who have reported on some occasions some amazing crazy experiences. I have no knowledge or information of our military being involved in any kind of abduction activity.

I would be amazed if it proved to be the case that our military was involved with that kind of thing, I've seen some reports from people who claim that they were abducted and they got on to a craft and they saw military personnel there - I've heard of that kind of thing but and I've read about that kind of thing but I have never encountered anybody in the military - never had any suggestion of that. The Airforce people are incredulous that this is even a real issu, they are still extremely resistant to even talking about this or getting involved in any shape or form, just with the generic phenomenon and so yes I don't have knowledge about that and I would be amazed if that was the case but it's all about the data. We've just got to follow the trail wherever it goes. Next came a question asking whether UFOs could "really be weapons" sent by Russia or China Mellon In the report to Congress from the Defence Department the first unclassified report stated that we see no evidence that any of these are Russian or Chinese. And that's not surprising because they're unidentified. They're not seeing any indication that Russia or China has some technology beyond anything that we possess. So when we're seeing things like with the Nimitz case with the TicTac, it was engaged in instantaneous acceleration, we have no reason to believe that any other country has that kind of technology. Having said that, they also said, and I agree with this as well, that we're seeing a range of phenomena, so in some cases we have Navy ships for example, they're being swarmed by small lights which could be an advanced drone and that's probably more likely than an extra terrestrial vehicle, you know some kind of Chinese secret drone or something- entirely possible. some of those may be. We have in other countries engaged in modern military warfare is confronting a huge new challenge they're not well prepared for when it comes to drone unmanned vehicles. If you look at the conflict in Azerbaijan . Azerbaijan won that conflict quickly because of drones they got from Turkey. You can see the role that drones are playing in Ukraine in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine and most conventional defensive systems were geared towards taking aircraft and missiles so these are a smaller new low radar challenge for our military and other militaries but I don't think it's exposing any weakness that we were not aware of or that others were not aware of. Actually I think the really important thing - if Lue and I hadn't done what we've done, those things might still be flying around. Now we're starting to look and do something about it to protect our country. now that was our first motivation. So I think we're much better off because that information came out. Now we're taking steps to correct it and find out. Before that we were just pretending that it wasn't happening so I think we're much better off. Lastly came another inaudible question.... Mellon Why you asked that is because there is a misperception - a widespread misperception in the UFO community which is understandable but mistaken. and that is there are people who think there is some controlling hand and there's some conspiracy and the federal Government has got this plan and they're rolling this out and I'm part of it and other people are puppets. That's rubbish. Everything that's happened and come to light is because of some activists and troublemakers who have got some information and gone to the press, and people in the press have been willing to work on this and people in Congress. The Government has not got some disclosure plan and disclosure's not imminent. what you're reading about now in congress is what's happening - I can tell you that there are senior Pentagon people who do not believe there's any crash material, they think this is all bogus, they think it's rubbish and much less disclosure. I'm talking about very very senior people who have access to a lot of information and they're saying in some case to the people on the Hill, 'What are you talking about? and show us the evidence' - they're mystified. So the UFO community -and I'm a part of it I guess - we have a tendency to see and hear one side of this story and our own stuff. There's a lot of conspiracy theories because the Government has lied and concealed information and all of those things because conspiracy theories grow in darkness. but to the best of my knowledge, the Federal Government is not in charge or doesn't have any big plan and disclosure's not imminent. If it does happen it'll be the result of the efforts of people in Congress right now and people are taking action and a small number of people who may have information, if they come forward. I'd like to add to that just a little bit and say , this is very strange for me because I have a foot in two completely different worlds. The people in those two different worlds see this issue entirely differently and they talk right past each other and I go to meetings with people who have a salad all over their chest, , they're running all these secret programs, in the Airforce or something, they look at me like I'm crazy, like I have a third eye in my head and I talk to other people who are deep insiders who have access to classified programs for decades and are very very credible people who are telling me things that sound very credible but are completely opposed. I think the good news here is that hopefully we're getting at the truth to the bottom line finally because of what congress is doing

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