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“Behind the scenes they’re wrestling with this enormous secret” - Ross Coulthart

What would it take for the hundreds who read these posts to STOP for just a few minutes and actually contemplate what momentous news is about to break all over the world? My source - in fact one of many sources - is international, award winning investigative journalist Ross Coulthart, a trusted personal friend with many contacts in the intelligence agencies. His astonishing news is that the world is being engaged by a non-human intelligence, operating with impunity in our skies and seas using technology so advanced that, in unwise human hands, could destroy our civilisation. And already it would seem there is strong evidence that some of those techno-secrets from anomalous craft are being secretly and possibly illegally probed. And new US Government whistle-blower laws are now active, making it possible for those keeping the secrets to come forward. In this ground breaking podcast interview Ross says: "I do know that witnesses under oath have testified about 'the program' and that is a secret crash retrieval reverse engineering program in the U.S government. I'm becoming aware of the magnitude of what has been concealed and believe me it's unrolling, it's unravelling. People are giving evidence. The big question in my mind is not, 'What's the truth?' Is it or isn't it non-human intelligence?' The big question is, Are the public going to be told?" Even at this late stage Ross says the subject of UFOs or UAPs is still treated with ridicule and stigma. But he said "They don't know what I know and I feel so privileged as a journalist to be at the forefront of what I think is the story of the millennium. It is just mind-blowing to me what is going to come very, very soon We know that there is something operating in our oceans in our skies and in our orbit which is doing anomalous things I know a lot of what's coming and believe me it's revelatory, it's astonishing, it's mind-blowing. Imagine if there is a non-human intelligence out there that's engaging with this planet, imagine the awesomeness of the moment when people start thinking of themselves not as Russians or Chinese or Ukrainians or Iranians but as humans. That's a momentous point in human history" But why 80 years of UFO cover-ups? Said Ross: "I often ask people who I'm talking to who have direct knowledge of 'the program' and I say, why the secrecy? And the primary reason seems to be that they've become aware of awesome technologies behind what they've recovered. I think genuinely most of the people who are sitting in dark rooms deciding what the hell to do with this secret are wrestling with the fact that they just don't want to have to admit something that might jeopardize the release of this technology."

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