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Alien Abduction - Spirits Materializing to Get Our Attention - John Mack Tells Terence McKenna

In this rare footage Terence McKenna asks Harvard Medical School Head of Psychiatry, Professor John Mack about the nature of alien abduction.

And Mack propounds a theory that UFOs are from the spiritual world but show up here physically to get our attention.

Mack said that the alien abduction phenomenon he studied "was not some strange dissociative condition, not some neurosis, not some contagion from the media, in fact it bears no resemblance to any psychiatric condition that in my 40 years of work in this field, I had recognised."

He continued: "It's not some displaced abuse, all these things which naturally my colleagues and I think of in relation, this has its own structure, its own qualities otherwise sane people having these highly traumatic, very dense, highly articulated, detailed, congruous experiences which can begin to be reported as young as two years old associated with UFOs..

So I had to start by satisfying myself that this was not something else. OK, then I begin not from my own specialities but from the information that the abductees themselves get from experiences.

I'm beginning to put together a structure of what this is about and what I'm getting is that if you could think of of the divine or if you could think of the world of both spirit in form and spirit without form or the anima mundi whatever your language for it - the Great Spirit, the Holy Spirit. Whatever it is, we have lost contact with it - it signals, we don't listen. There are various ways certain people have revelations and experiences, occasionally the more advanced spiritual people among us are reconnecting with the spirit but for most of us the only language thatt we know is the language of the material world. So it's as if the divinity says 'OK , if that's all you understand, I'll give it to you in the material world: I'll give you physical manipulations: I'll give you reproductive connection: I'll give you cuts, scars, scoop marks; I'll give you burned earth where the UFOs land; I'll give you experience which is consistent among various people which empirically everybody agrees'."

Mack adds: "There are photographs of UFOs, it's showing up in the physical world - it may not be of the physical world as we know it but it communicates in the physical world. And when something shows up in the physical world that belongs in the spirit world, that gets the stiff necked materialists very excited. Now they want physical proof, just like in empirical science because all other faculties of knowledge have been atrophied. But this gets their attention because it shows up in the language we understand which is the physical language."

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